It's early, so just keep on pitching!

Apr 8, 2008 7:00 PM

Diamondís Gems by Sid Diamond | I just couldnít wait to start this weekís article. My beginning subject will center on the complete disregard of Major League Baseball to fit any reasonable pattern in its initial week of the 2008 season.

Two months ago I predicted the Detroit Tigers would tear up the league and certainly go on to win the World Series. My thinking was primarily the result of the team acquiring three All-Stars from other teams in trades and free agent signings. Their lineup consisted of at least four and possibly six future Hall of Famers that are still in their prime led by Ivan Rodriguez, who undoubtedly is the greatest catcher who ever played the game, and who was assigned in this blockbuster lineup to the eighth spot.

Well, I was so excited for this teamís success that when I saw the opening weekís schedule and the mighty Tigers were facing the Kansas City Royals in Detroit, I couldnít get to the betting windows fast enough. The Royals, you may recall, have finished the last five years or so in dead last in the American League. Their total payroll may not be as much as Alex Rodriguezís salary for a year.

"Wow, what a way to start the new season," I reasoned; not only was I determined to lay a run and a half on each game but -2 or -2Ĺ was a number that Iíd take a shot with. (Incidentally, years ago you could do that downtown at the Las Vegas Club).

For those of you that donít read the sports page, let me refresh your memory: first game, K.C. 5, Detroit 4; second game, K.C. 4, Detroit 0; third game, K.C. 4, Detroit 1.

Yes, I bet on each game and you have to respect my consistency, which by the way is essential to successful wagering on baseball. So here I sit scratching my head thinking "how could I be so dumb so early in the season."

But being an eternal optimist I rationalize by thinking, "Thatís baseball, you gotta love it." Iíll kill them tomorrow!

Hereís some insight into next weekís baseball match-ups. San Diego visits San Francisco: These are two definite under teams regardless of who happens to be pitching. Itís unfortunate that the match-up begins on Monday but if you are following Internet selections youíll surely see this gameís selection as an under as will the games on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Tigers will visit Boston opening Tuesday afternoon. Fenway Park with the Green Monster in left field is one of the highest scoring parks in all of baseball. However, if itís cold and the significant wind is north or east, it makes a difference. Check the weather and if itís in the 60s fire away as the two teams figure to be in the top 3 or 4 in runs this season. If youíre not sure check the GamingToday website for a more up to date assessment. Try it youíll like it! And itís free which is very inexpensive (Yogi Berra).

Beginning on Friday night, the Cubs will visit the Phillies. Again, cold weather could be an "under" factor here but if itís in the 60s or higher go for the over as the Philly ballpark is probably the best over site in the league and they have the sticks to hit them out.

In the American League, the Twins visit the Royals. It would be difficult to go "over" any of their games as neither team has any big guns. They both have good bullpens that are capable of holding the score down from the 7th inning on. If the weather is OK Iíll play all games in the series hoping for two out of three victories.

Hope you all have a big week!