Gaming sooths ‘savage beasts’

Sep 2, 2003 5:13 AM

With Indian country showing some financial and political clout, the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Bill "Shut-up" O’Reilly and Rich Lowry are bent out of shape.

Lowry, the young editor of the far right magazine The National Review, put out a piece entitled, "Indian Scam: Harrah’s and dirty politics.

Our answer is that gaming is a tremendous boon for long impoverished communities, who do predate the antecedents of American law.

Lowry says, "Forget buffalo, eagle feathers and tribal dances. Think slots, Harrah’s and dirty politics." He claims Indians have sold their souls to gambling and that we can buy off or defeat anyone who might want to stand in our way.

His image of Indians is both arrogant and ignorant.


Ehrlich pushing slots

Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich believes that opposition is eroding so he plans to be an active participant in developing a slot maching gaming plan for the state.

Ehrlich wants to take up the slot machine cause by himself, without bothering the General Assembly. This represents a change in position for the governor, who said this year at the close of the Assembly session that he would spend no more of his political energy trying to persuade the House of Delegates to adopt his gambling plan.

The change of mind relates to House Speaker Michael Busch softened his position against installing slot machines at Maryland racetracks.

The Baltimore Sun