Monti’s Top 10 of 2003

Sep 2, 2003 5:47 AM

With the new concert season upon us and the summer doldrums fast becoming a memory, I’m proud to present Mr. Monti’s Top Ten list of Las Vegas entertainers. Don’t confuse me with Mr. Blackwell’s list; I’m the one with a job.

Clint Holmes tops the charts as the "Voice of Vegas." He’s a fantastic guy and an even more amazing entertainer who keeps getting better. Whatever Harrah’s asks for his ticket, it’s worth every penny.

Tied for first is Celine Dion. Since debuting at the Coliseum at Caesars Palace, she’s become the new Queen of the Strip. (Frank Marino fans don’t despair, he’s six paragraphs down.)

Next in line is "O," Cirque du Soleil’s water-based extravaganza. It’s more fun than a slip-and-slide on a honeymoon.

SIEGFRIED & ROY remain at the top of the list
of Las Vegas ”˜must-see’ production shows.

The magicians I love the most, Siegfried & Roy, are next. There is no equal when it comes to illusion and these fellows are world-class performers and world-class humanitarians.

Mamma Mia is a nice change of pace, much to the chagrin of those who keep saying theater doesn’t work in Las Vegas.

For adult shows, Midnight Fantasy has the best jiggle around. Anita Mann knows how to sell sex!

CHRISSI SCINTA and her brothers
enthrall audiences at The Rio.

The family from Buffalo ”” The Scintas ”” could be the most underrated show in town. They do it all from singing to comedy to impressions. They’re entertainers in the Vegas tradition.

The city’s top drag artist, Frank Marino, is my next choice. If you haven’t seen him in La Cage, you’re really missing something right out of Miami Beach.

The craziest man in the city is The Amazing Jonathan. He’s kind of like Ed Sullivan on acid, but in an entertaining sort of way.

Rounding out my personal selections as entertainment for any mood are The Chippendale Dancers, females of La Femme, Second City comedy troupe and Danny Gans.

I want to thank everyone for trekking down to the Castaways to see me create havoc as the host of the doo wop show. It’s over, but don’t worry, this is one pussy cat with many more than nine lives.

The big date on the upcoming calendar is September 20, which is the night "Zumanity" hopes to make amends for not being ready for their first public showing. I’m rooting for them to make a big splash. I’m a huge (not fat) fan of the Cirque shows, but the-tried-and-true method of how they open shows just didn’t work this time.

MGM Mirage’s sexual revolution continues at the end of October when TI’s "Sirens" officially take over the pirate show. There’s nothing like goose bumps on the thighs of swashbucklers!

My stylist divine, Teresa Graves, has set up shop at Sage at Boca Park in Summerlin. I’m frequently asked how I look so wonderful, considering my gene pool. Teresa does it all!

Steve Wyrick shuttered at the Sahara on Sunday and now is on a hectic pace to get all his personal props out of the showroom, which was built for him about three years ago. I hope to be able to report next week where the talented Wyrick is heading.

I stopped in to see the future of men’s fashions during the recent MAGIC convention. Needless to say I was trembling to see all the style I’ll never be able to afford. Maybe if I wait long enough, they’ll get recycled and I can buy them at my favorite used clothing store. Me, proud?