Can we use a Code of Ethics?

Sep 8, 2003 11:37 PM

   Carol, are you sure that you want me to talk to you and the folks today about poker ethics? Do you mean write up rules to play poker by?

   May I call these rules "The Seniors" code of poker ethics?

   Well, this column has become quite a sounding board for poker and I get a lot of e-mails at the poker town post office on at the address of [email protected] about poker and the playing of it.

   Yes, Carol I will write up some rules and we will see how they "bounce" off the sounding board.

   Did you know Carol, that during the Renaissance, that a flat wooden canopy was called a sounding board? This sounding board was placed over the church pulpit to amplify the sound of the preacher's voice.

   A publication, for example, such as the GamingToday can be used as a sounding board for promoting ideas, advertising products, propaganda, political ideas and as I am using it today to bounce this idea of "The Seniors" code of poker ethics off other poker players.

   We may be able to lend clarity to thoughts about what would be a good code of ethics or conduct to use when playing poker.

   Honey, we will hope that this will serve as a very excellent effective figurative sounding board. We will print it here and hope that others will repeat "The Seniors" code of ethics.

"Oklahoma Johnny Poker Tip of the Week"

   This week’s tip is "The Seniors" poker players code of ethics.

Rule No.  1: This is the Golden Rule of Life. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When playing poker, play with the other players as you would like for them play with you.

Rule No.  2: Read and learn all the poker rules of the club you play in and follow the rules of that club or do not play in that club.

Rule No.  3: The dealer is only the mail person who brings you your cards. Be kind, considerate, cheerful, and helpful to the dealer at all times.

   Do not thank him for giving you good cards or a winning hand.

   Do not blame him for giving you bad cards or a losing hand.

   Do not discuss tipping the dealers at the table.

   Do tip him if he is professional and controls the game correctly.

   Do not complain to the dealer about his proficiency.

   If you have any complaints about the dealer, go quietly to the floor person and make your complaint known to that person only.

   Any compliments about or to the dealer should be given away from the poker game or to the floor person.

Rule No.  4: Do not borrow money while playing poker

Rule No.  5: Do not loan money while playing poker.

Rule No.  6: Do not dress inappropriately.

Rule No.  7: Do not use improper language, cuss, throw cards or act rude (speak English only when in America).

Rule No.  8: Do not smoke or eat at the poker table.

Rule No.  9: Do not use a cell telephone at the poker table.

Rule No. 10: Act promptly when it is your turn to bet, call or raise. Do not "slow play"”¦ turn over your cards when the hand is over in the proper rotation.

Rule No.  11: When showing down you hand, do not miscall the hand. Do not try to be cute and mislead the other players or the dealer.

Rule No.  12: When you go all-in (when you put the last of your chips in the

 Pot) announce to the dealer and the table, I am all in.

Rule No. 13: When you have played a long time and your are too tired to play or you become ill and cannot play your hand in smooth rotation when it is your turn to act on your hand, quit and go home.

Rule No.  14: When you will be away from the table for a length of time, inform the floor person so that if you get delayed he can pick up your chips for you and let someone else play, if you are gone longer than the rules of the club permit.

Rule No.  15: Never advise, or complain about how another player plays his hand or bets his chips. If you have a complaint take it quietly to the floor person. He will correct the problem.

Rule No.  16: Be a nice happy fun poker player and have a good time. Remember that years from now it will not matter whether you won or lost, but it will matter and people will remember how you played the game.

   If you would like to be a part of the sounding board stop by the poker town post office over at and drop a note in the Email of [email protected] while you are at the poker preacher page on be sure to tell OK-J and Carol what you think of "The Seniors" Code of Ethics for poker players.

   Would you like to change any of the rules? Or would you like to omit or add any other rules?

   Until next time, remember to stay lucky!