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Loose Caboose Central

Sep 9, 2003 12:05 AM

Meat quality: 8 oz grade-A beef burger with various cheeses.

Type of fries: crisp, suitable portion

Bun size: regular, medium bun

Drink: various beverages

Order method:  server

Wait time for meal: 15 min.

Price: $6.38 (not including drink)

Atmosphere: friendly, sports bar

Rating/comment: 3.5 wimpys (out of 5): There are several Loose Cabooses running wild and free in Greater Las Vegas in case you hunger for a good burger. This week’s stop for the best in ground beef was a solid effort. The burger was tasty, not filling and came with a healthy side order of fries. We could have easily raised the grade had it not been for an unfortunate error. The waitress never included utensils with the order, which is a definite faux pas. Not that this meat and potatoes person cares that much, but restaurants are a reflection of class and finger eating does not work on a general basis. Plus, we caught the Caboose when a few rowdies were there and that definitely had an impact on our meal. Those errors can easily be fixed, so by all means stop by and enjoy a good burger at a reasonable price. Avoid the video poker, though.