With 7-spots, 4-2-1 fits

Apr 8, 2008 7:00 PM

Keno Lil | If you take 7-spots, and circle groups of four, two and one, you get an interesting combination ticket.

There will be seven ways on it, which are 1-way-7, 1-way-6, 1-way-5, 1-way-4, 1-way-3, 1-way-2 and 1-way-1. I call this the "everything" ticket, because there is one of everything on it, from the seven on down to the 1-spot.

I have played it on occasion, and have hit a solid five and a six out of seven on it.

If you take the same ticket (4-2-1) and add a field of eight numbers to it, giving you a ticket grouped 8-4-2-1, then you will really have an "everything" ticket. There will be 1-way-of everything from the 15 down to the 1.

Work it out! This ticket seems always to produce at least some small winners. It is not that hard to check, even if the drink tokes have been flowing.

Now take the 8-4-2-1, and add a 1-spot to it! (8-4-2-1-1) You have just doubled the ways on the ticket. There are now 1-ways-of everything from the 15 down to the 1-spot!

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