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Time for dogto rebound

Sep 9, 2003 8:11 AM

The dogs should have been a cinch. You remember opening day last year? The underdogs covered the spread 10 times in Week 1.

They say, when you bet a cinch, save cab fare. Hope you had second thoughts before pumping in with both fists on all the parity hype. Only five dogs cashed tickets last Sunday.

Hopefully the underdogs will rebound in Week 2.

Dolphins (-2½) at Jets: The Texans put a hit out on Miami and when they were finished, The Fish were sleeping with each other. Unlike real life mob hits this was the type of hit you could live to talk about. This week, a revenge hit on Vinny! DOLPHINS.

Browns (+3) at Ravens: Browns were concerned about their defense, but Peyton Manning and company were held to nine points. Cleveland will pick on rookie Boller. Holcomb will settle down and throw points up on the board like the plan called for last week. BROWNS.

Titans (-3) at Colts: RB James showed little signs of being completely healed. Eddie George gets the edge over Edgerrin. TITANS.

Lions (+6½) at Packers: Brett Favre was maybe the best QB in the NFL the last 10 years. But he is older this year, like most of us. Lions are live dog with a new coach and lots of enthusiasm. Harrington and Rogers should be a combo for many years. LIONS.

Skins (+ 3½) at Falcons: The Falcons rallied around Doug Johnson to net the Tuna. This week they match up against a much more confident team and QB. Ramsey and Jetskins flying high after young QB’s big scrambling play downed the Jets. SKINS.

Bills (-3) at Jags: Buffalo’s 31-zip blitz of the Pats was the most impressive performance of Week 1. I couldn’t bet against the Bills with a gun to my head. Even a rejuvenated Mark Brunell won’t be able to break the circle of wagons. Because as you know, no one ...........! BILLS.

Texans (+9) at Saints: David Carr was sacked 76 times last year! The Fish failed to record a single sack on Carr. Saints appear need work on both sides of the ball. Texans’ upset of Miami was no fluke. TEXANS.

49ers (+3½) at Rams: I have to admit, I was sucked onto the "Rams are back" bandwagon. Thought they had all the pieces in place. Warner fumbled six times and looked indecisive at best. Might be looking at Bulger here, which may be an improvement for Rams chances. NINERS.

Steelers (+3) at Chiefs: Great matchup of perhaps the two best passing attacks in the league. Giving the edge to Priest Holmes over Famous Amos on the ground. CHIEFS.

Panthers (+7) at Bucs: Carolina probably looking at Jake Delhomme at QB after dramatic comeback over Jags. Bucs need to watch their step here. Panthers defense, ranked No. 2 last year, is better than what showed up versus Jacksonville. PANTHERS.

Seahawks (—4½) at Cards: Looks like all the hype in Seattle was for real. Hasselbeck averaged 400 yards the last six games of 2002. Picked up where he left off last year. Cards have not done enough to improve on 27th ranked offense and 29th defense. Robinson and Alexander keep improving each week. SEAHAWKS.

Patriots (+4) at Eagles: Little asterick in front of the Pats after embarrassing shutout in Buffalo. If Belichick or anyone in New England needs a good lawyer this season, there’s one in Buffalo named Milloy! EAGLES.

Broncos (—4) at Chargers: Jake The Snake wiggled out of three picks in Cincy. It’s easier to win with his supporting cast in Denver. Clinton Portis should be the difference in this game. BRONCOS.

Bengals (+12) at Raiders: I really believe Marvin Lewis will make the Bungles stronger than paper tigers. Or at least a little less bumbling! BENGALS.

Bears (+7) at Vikings: The Vikes came on strong with three straight wins at end of last season. The defense is better and so far, so is Daunte Culpepper. Kordell Stewart makes this selection easy. VIKINGS.

Cowboys (+7) at Giants: G-Men came up big against Rams. Not sure how good they really are since Warner may have been playing with a concussion. We know Cowboys are bad. GIANTS.

Last week: 9-5-1 Season: 9-5-1

Best Bets: Texans, Seahawks, Skins.