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'Trust' is key to poker success

Sep 16, 2003 1:55 AM

DEALERS deserve your trust.

Carol, I wrote a column the other day about how to win when you are playing poker, and I gave the folks a couple of winning poker tips.

Tip No. 1: Observe and study the poker game that you are planning to play that day.

Tip No. 2: Rate the poker players that you will be playing with that day.

Honey, you know that I am writing a new book that I think I will call, "Sixty-five ways to improve your life and your poker game."

I have decided that I will not re-invent the wheel on winning tips for poker players.

The readers of "Back in the Saddle Again" here in the GamingToday newspaper will just be getting an advance opportunity to read some of the tips that I plan to include in my new book.

I hope to release the new book soon. If any of the folks would like information or reserve their advance copy contact me at [email protected] or mail me here at GamingToday.

"Oklahoma Johnny’s Tip of the Week"


This is Tip No. 3 from my new book.

Carol, This is a good rule or tip for living as well as playing poker. In order to accomplish anything in this life, we must learn to trust.

First we must learn to trust our self. Second we must learn to trust others. Third we must learn to trust God as we envision the God to be.

When we are first born, we must trust our parents or care providers for all our needs, wants and our desires. When we first learn to sit, crawl, stand alone, and everything else, we must trust others to help us or to catch us when we fall.

When we go to school or church we must learn to trust our teachers, proctors and advisers to give us correct information.

We must trust the mailman, the policeman, the doctors, lawyers, the plumbers and all who have control or have influence over our lives.

We must trust the machines, the telephone, our car to start, the lights to work, the water to be in the pipes and the toilet to flush.

We must trust our government to protect our country, even on our money that says "In God we trust."

We must trust our wives, husbands and those that love us.

But I think most of all we must learn to trust ourselves.

And, oh yes, in poker, this is the rule of trust.

We must learn to trust the other poker players to be honorable and most of all trust the poker players to be creatures of habit.

Trust the poker player to do the same things over, and over, and over again. If he has a tell — and he does — you must learn those tells.

Trust the poker player to do the same thing today, tomorrow and next week ”¦ and he will.

I give you my

Oklahoma Johnny’s Poker Guarantee

At the end of the game you will be counting the money if you trust the poker players’ tells and actions to be the same, in today’s game and in tomorrow’s game, and forever.

Until next time you can trust me to say stay lucky!