Casinos get tips on homeland security

Sep 16, 2003 6:34 AM

Alfonso "Al" Martinez-Fonts, Jr., assistant secretary for private sector coordination at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), will be a featured speaker at the G2E 2003 conference.

Martinez-Fonts’ participation is part of G2E’s new focus on security and surveillance topics, featuring a separate conference track and exhibit area dealing with the myriad of security issues facing the gaming industry.

Martinez-Fonts will share his insight during the conference session "Homeland Security: What It Means To Gaming," a discussion of how the post-Sept. 11 world presents new challenges for all American businesses, specifically the gaming industry.

A former chairman of J.P. Morgan Chase Bank in El Paso, Texas, Martinez-Fonts serves as the industry advocate within DHS, working to direct, instruct and advise the private sector on how to adjust to new security regulations and realities. The session, scheduled for 8 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 17, will examine ways the gaming industry is responding to security challenges and how federal legislation and regulation will affect the future of gaming.

The session is one of several featured in G2E’s conference track focused on security and surveillance issues. Guarding the safety of customers and preserving the integrity of operations have always been priorities for the gaming industry, but recent events have raised the bar for security standards.

G2E will give attendees the opportunity to interact with key gaming and security experts to learn how to develop and manage comprehensive security and surveillance systems in gaming facilities around the world.

Discussion topics will focus on innovations in casino security, techniques to improve surveillance, strategies to prevent fraud, legal issues surrounding surveillance and more.

Security and surveillance issues will also be a focus at the G2E Training & Development Institute. Scheduled for Sept. 15 and sponsored by ASIS International, the security and surveillance track will feature intensive training courses on a variety of topics, including risk assessment and management, security education opportunities, revolutionary technology and homeland security.

While conference sessions will give G2E attendees the tools to navigate the complex operational challenges related to facility security, the G2E exhibit floor will introduce them to the latest security products and trends that will shape the future of security and surveillance within the gaming industry.

A Security and Surveillance Pavilion, also sponsored by ASIS International, will showcase world-class suppliers of security devices and services. 

New products to be introduced to the gaming industry this year include GenPrime’s biological weapon detection system that tests for toxins. Bosch Security Systems, manufacturers of closed circuit televisions, will showcase the DiBos, a new digital recorder, and the Hi-Q, an archiving system with advanced features allowing for increased data storage options.

Verint’s Loronix Video Solutions will showcase the latest generation of its digital video systems for casinos. The enterprise-wide solutions can be integrated into existing infrastructure without interfering with normal surveillance requirement, and provide local, regional and global access to systems via one centralized workstation. 

The digital video solution features the Loronix Video Manager solution and BehaviorTrack software, which can detect traffic patterns throughout the casino floor, determine if a dealer is within the range of the number of hands per hour, conduct facial recognition to deter suspicious behavior at the tables and more.