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AC Coin hits target with Borgata in AC

Sep 16, 2003 6:36 AM

AC Coin & Slot, exclusive distributor of IGT gaming devices in Atlantic City and the Caribbean, and one of the country’s leading slot machine and casino supply companies, has raised slot base and seating to new heights for Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City.

The company also designed the much of the property’s unique casino floor custom signage and provided over half of the new casino’s slot games.

"This is the most comprehensive project in the history of our company," says company Executive Vice President and General Manager Jerry Seelig. "Of the leading supply companies available, we’re proud that Borgata chose us for such an enormous undertaking. Since AC Coin & Slot is the only one-stop shopping supplier in the industry, we were able to provide not only half of the casino’s 3,640 games, but also the seating, the slot bases, and what is really exciting to us, over 100 custom interior casino floor signs for one of the most beautifully designed casinos ever built."

We’re also thrilled to introduce our first-of-its-kind ErgoBase at the newest casino to open in Atlantic City in over 13 years," Seelig continued. "The Ergobase takes player comfort to the next level. It’s the first base to provide a footrest allowing players to stretch their legs and rest their feet while they play."

"We selected AC Coin & Slot for more than just their products," says Paul Tjoumakaris, vice president of slot operations for Borgata, "It’s also what the company is doing for the whole of Atlantic City. They’ve not only provided the services and support necessary to accomplish the job at hand, but they provided the support needed to facilitate all of our vendors’ games, thereby helping to ensure our success and the continued success of Atlantic City.

"The company has gone above and beyond what was expected, incurring the expense of prepping and shipping the products to the construction site, including forklifts, manpower, and service technicians, to facilitate everyone involved. They’ve truly earned their order as well as our appreciation."