DP Stud goes Tropical for latest game!

Sep 16, 2003 6:48 AM

In a world where casinos are dominated by high-tech slots, table games are alive and well. Just ask the folks at DP Stud, which unveils its newest table game, Tropical Stud Poker, at this week’s G2E conference.

"Don’t let anyone fool you, there’s still excitement in the pit," said DP Stud’s John Piccoli. "I’ve always believed that the magic of a casino is found in its table games, and that’s true now more than ever."

DP stud caught some of that magic a decade ago when it introduced Caribbean Stud Poker, and it expects to do the same this year with its latest offering, Tropical Stud Poker.

Soon to be in field trial at Sunset Station in Las Vegas, "Tropical Stud, with its new platform is a natural evolution of progressive table games," says Mark Corso, vice president of sales and marketing for DP Stud.

TROPICAL STUD ”” New table game features five-level progressives.

"This game is sure to keep players in their seats," Corso says. "The game plays similar to Caribbean Stud, but there are some exciting variations that will pique players’ interest."

Those variations include:

”¡ A pay table that rewards winners with ace, king high, thus ensuring a higher hit frequency

”¡ Bonus payoff, whether or not the dealer has a qualifying hand

”¡ A call bet that is equal to the original ante (and not double the ante)

In addition, Corso says, Tropical Stud features a five-tier progressive meter that pays off for a royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house and flush.

"With the five-tier progressives, the door is open to wild payoffs," Corso says. "For instance, it would become possible for a flush to pay more than a full house."

Corso says DP Stud has other innovative games in the works, including a new generation Pai Gow Poker Progressive, and a new variation of baccarat that should appeal to the high-end casino market.

Content to develop a small but distinctive array of casino games, DP Stud 13 years ago made a splash with Caribbean Stud, which it introduced to Nevada as the first in a new breed of table games.

"Caribbean Stud became a hit because it was simple to play and it had high payoffs and a slot-type meter ”” which satisfied a growing lottery mentality among players," Piccoli says.

Since then, DP Stud has striven to develop new games that are attractive to players and lucrative for casinos.

"Part of the challenge is to create games that are exciting for the players, while offering multiple decisions to keep the bets on the table," Piccoli says.