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Put “sack” on TV announcers

Sep 16, 2003 10:01 AM

"There has to be a clock that goes off in the QB’s head!"

Ok boys, I’ve heard it enough. Every time a QB is sacked after holding the ball too long, the same old chatter rolls out of the mouths of the not-so-silver tongued announcers. There isn’t a QB induced sack that goes by that I don’t feel like emptying my pistol into the TV set like Elvis.

Whatever happened to the experiment a few years ago where cameras rolled and no words were spoken? Bring back just the sounds of the game!

Four teams receive their bye this week. Bears, Cowboys and Eagles begging for it. Panthers would do anything to play after back-to-back final minute wins. The favorites are winning over 60 percent of all NFL games through Week 2. I’m managing to smile even though the barking has been silenced so far.

Here’s the Week 3 slate.

Jets (+6½) at Pats: Vinny too old to carry this team. Had a decent day, received absolutely no running support and very little D behind him. Vinny may have company in the over-the hill department with Curtis Martin. Looks like Pats have put the Milloy incident behind them. PATS.

Steelers (—4) at Bengals: The Bengals aren’t as soft as they’ve been in the past. Lewis has made a big difference. But they lost a heartbreaker in Oakland and the Steelers’ D will be in a nasty mood after giving up 41 points. Corey Dillon’s game time status unknown with hyperextended knee. STEELERS.

Jaguars (+7½) at Colts: Didn’t think Edgerrin James was healthy after Week 1. Ran for over 120 yards against Titans and he’s made me a believer. Peyton Manning’s targets open up with an effective running game. Colts D always known as soft in years past. Looks like that’s all changed now. COLTS.

Vikings (—6½) at Lions: Home dogs are 0-5 so far. So I should be afraid to make this pick but for some reason I’m not. Lions back at home where they seem to be much more comfortable. Running game needs to be addressed after Harrington threw 55 passes versus Green Bay. Vikes on an emotional high after two big wins. Might be looking ahead. LIONS.

Saints (+3) at Titans: Last week I gave the edge to Eddie George over Edgerrin James. I have no idea what I was smoking, but George deserves no edge over anyone until further notice. Or rather, until he serves notice that he’s not possibly past his prime. SAINTS.

Bucs (—3½) at Falcons: No sleep for Chuckie this week. Gruden will be wild after blowing W with a blocked extra point. Bucs’ D is still the best. Rice and Sapp will make Doug Johnson feel like he’s in the eye of a hurricane. BUCS.

Chiefs (—8) at Texans: Houston finally comes home for its opener. Big upset over Miami then back to earth at New Orleans. Right now Chiefs look like AFC’s best, which should make for a couple of extra points for dog backers in this contest. TEXANS.

Giants (—3) at Redskins: Ramsey managed to put up over 30 points in Atlanta. Won’t be so fortunate in this rivalry. G-men are clearly the better team. GIANTS.

Packers (-8½) at Cards: The Cards haven’t given bettors a reason NOT to wager against them. Cards finished game with McCown at QB. Neither QB would be comforting if you had a Cards ticket. PACKERS.

Rams (+3) at Seahawks: I was on the Rams’ bandwagon. Quickly exited after Kurt Warner’s Week 1 performance. I’m debating jumpin’ back on with Bulger. But not this week. Hasselbeck has too many smoking guns right now. And Ray Rhodes has made a big impact with the D! SEAHAWKS.

Ravens (—2) at Chargers: San Diego has to step up right now or risk dreadful season. Kyle Boller is suspect if San Diego can stop Jamal Lewis. Easier said than done. Unbelievable 295 yard rushing record last week . CHARGERS.

Browns (+7 ) at Niners: Similar situation to San Diego’s challenge above. Browns must win here or risk being run out of Cleveland. Niner defense will be the softest they’ve faced so far. Should be a live dog! BROWNS.

Bills (+3) at Dolphins: Friends in Buffalo told me the local media had Bills in the Super Bowl prior to preseason starting. Looks like the Buffalo press might have been right on. Their opponents haven’t come close so far. Biggest test is right here in Miami. But Bledsoe and Henry have something they haven’t had in years and that’s a solid defense. BILLS.

Raiders (+3) at Broncos: Denver fans were worried after Plummer’s opening performance against Cincy. Now they’re really worried with The Snake out with a separated shoulder. I like Denver with Plummer or Beuerlein under center. Raiders lucky to have one win. Oakland was extremely close to being winless after Bengals’ near upset. BRONCOS.

Last week: 10-5

Season: 20-10-1

Best bets: Saints, Bills, Broncos