Jauron 2-5 pick to lose job first

Sep 16, 2003 10:02 AM

For entertainment purposes only, here’s the short list of NFL coaches soon to be receiving pink slips.

Dick Jauron (Chicago) 2-5, Jim Haslet (New Orleans) 2-1, Dave Wannstedt (Miami) 4-1, Mike Martz (St. Louis) 6-1.

"Dick Jauron is Empire Maker," said Jay Kornegay, the quick-witted race and sports director at the Imperial Palace. "If it’s a race to be fired first, he wins going away."

Kornegay also came up with prices on the four remaining for the 2004 season.

Jauron —400 to be gone, +300 to stay; Haslet —270 gone, +210 stay; Wannstedt —200 stay, +190 gone; Martz —240 stay, +190 gone.

"I think Marc Bulger helps Martz keep his job," Kornegay of the Rams quarterback, who is competing with Kurt Warner for a starting job. "Wannstedt has had some success in Miami and I think the Dolphins will turn things around."

Jauron is another story, an almost certain coaching casualty considering what little weapons he has.

"Kordell (QB Stewart) is not the answer," Kornegay said. "When we watched the 49ers take the Bears apart, I wasn’t sure it wasn’t Chicago State or Northwestern."

The Saints, aka Aints, are off to another poor start thanks to the inconsistent play of their QB Aaron Brooks.

"Haslett is definitely on the hot seat," Kornegay said.