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Tips about life and poker life!

Sep 23, 2003 2:47 AM

Carol, I think that in today’s column I would like to share with the folks another of the "Sixty-Five ways to improve your life and your poker game."

Honey, I do not plan to give all the poker tips that are in my newest book to the folks here in this column.

Instead, I am going to skip around and pick out a few of the poker tips from the book and give the folks a sample each month or so until the new book is ready.

For a little review, a few columns ago I told the folks about: Observation and study of the poker game that they were planning to play in that day.

Key is how to rate the ability of the other poker players that were in the poker game that they were playing in that day.

Then I tried to very carefully explain the rule of trust, and how the players should trust themselves and the other poker players in the game of life and in poker games.

”˜Oklahoma Johnny’s’ poker tip of the week

Today’s poker tip will be good for your health and enjoyment of the game of poker. It’s rule No. 18 from my upcoming book: Train like an athlete.

Football is just getting started and of course my old school, Oklahoma University, is once again ranked No. 1 in the nation.

One of the reasons that OU is No. 1 is training ”” in the gym, on the track and on the field and in the classroom.

I remember when I went to school at OU during the first years after WW II (1946-1952).

I was too small to play with the big boys, but I love to watch the football players during spring practice and observe them as they would train and train, and all the running forward in the 60 and 40 yard dash drills and running backwards, laterally (sideways). And then at the end of the two-a-day practice periods, there would be the final laps that the players were required to take around the track before they went in to take their showers.

Then just a few times I was invited to the skull sessions, where the players went to class to learn all the details of game situations to watch films of the last week’s game and to study the films of the upcoming games.

The training program under coach Bud Wilkinson was not quite like the one that the Bear Bryant used when he took his boys to Junction City.

The training program that Bud put in place was very intense and he got his football players’ minds and bodies ready to play.

Then I love to see the results of all that training. In an actual football game, just before the beginning of the fourth quarter of a game, the OU football team would huddle around Bud and come out of that huddle roaring with four fingers held high in the air, signifying that they owned the fourth and final quarter of the football game.

The other teams most of the time would be dragging their butts around in the last quarter and the OU football players would own them. The OU backs could run around them or cut through their defenses like a hot knife thru butter.

The same is true of poker players.

Honey, I just know that the folks will find this hard to believe, but you know that when I give you my "Oklahoma Guarantee" that if I tell you something that 93% of everything that I tell you and the folks will be nothing but the truth and if I tell you it is going to rain you had better get you a tub, because if I have to I will squeeze a cloud to get you some water.

Carol, this is too much for one column and I did not get to tell the folks about how you helped me train for a big poker tournament. So folks, please tune in next week and I promise to tell you more about how Carol became my coach and helped me win and how you can to train your mind and body to play winning poker.

Until next time remember to stay lucky!