Dragging feet? PPE says no

Sep 23, 2003 4:32 AM

Those officials saying that Park Place Entertainment doesn’t really want to build the St. Regis Mohawk casino in New York are mistaken.

"Park Place has always been fully committed to developing a Catskill casino with the St. Regis Mohawk tribe as quickly as possible," said Robert Stewart, PPE senior vice president for corporate communications.

"We recognize gaming will be expanding throughout the Northeast and we realize that trying to create a fortress in Atlantic City is clearly the wrong move," Stewart said.

Park Place, according to Stewart, has spent "a significant amount" developing the casino, which would be located at Kutsher’s Sports Academy.

Middletown (NY)
Times Herald

Oneidas like Illinois

Officials from the Oneida Indian Nation of New York recently toured a 60-acre site in the Chicago suburb of Markham, Ill., and have been in negotiations with investors and local officials for "several months."

Markham Mayor David Webb said he would consider using tax incentives to bring a casino to his town of 12,000, located 15 miles south of Chicago, that nation’s third largest city.

To date, no Indian tribes have crossed state lines to open a casino in a state other than where they are recognized.

The Chicago Tribune