Is there no love for those home dogs?

Sep 23, 2003 5:29 AM

Whoaaaaaaaa doggies!! What in the name of live dawgs is going on?

Only four dogs cashed tickets Sunday and just a dozen won the money over the first two weeks. One needs only to look as far as the home puppies to see how really bad it has been for dog backers. Believe it or not, home dogs are 1-11 through three weeks with the Cards surprising upset over Green Bay the lone ranger. Only Tonto could have seen that ambush coming.

Lets pull the trigger on some winners. Denny The Dog managed to doggie-paddle through all the favorites and kept his head above water, but he’s tired. Here’s hoping someone turns the dogs loose like Gruden has turned Warren Sapp loose at tight end. The dogs need to start jumping like Sapp’s pogo-stick end-zone act.

(Dolphins, Giants, Seahawks and Bucs taking the week off)

Patriots (—1) at Skins: Washington’s winning streak stopped at two, but Ramsey threw for over 300 yards against a pretty decent Giants defense. He looks like a gamer. Pats a little more banged up than Skins. Home dogs have to improve, don’t they? SKINS.

Chiefs (—3) at Ravens: Home dogs have to improve. Chiefs due for some type of letdown after scoring 110 points in their first three games. Jamal Lewis unstoppable two weeks in a row. QB Boller made no mistakes in San Diego. Baltimore "D" has been stifling. RAVENS.

Eagles (+3½) at Bills: Eagles had an extra week to rest and stir in their own anger after dropping first two games. Philly will try to make Bledsoe look as confused as he looked Sunday night in Miami. EAGLES.

Titans (+3) at Steelers: Âí­Titans took advantage of a weakened Saints "D," riddled by injuries. Eddie George has not made me a believer yet. He must run well here to win my vote. Steelers have great balance with Zereoue and Bettis to alternate in backfield. Tommy Maddox and the RBs have edge over McNair and George. STEELERS.

Bengals (+4) at Browns: Kelly Holcomb showed plenty of heart in emotional upset over Niners. Dilon day-to-day after straining groin against Steelers. BROWNS.

49ers (+6) at Vikings: Yikes! Vikes undefeated and looking confident. Culpepper has bruised back but Daunte said he’d be ready and I believe him. Moe Williams had over 140 all-purpose yards against Detroit. Niners have to be feeling unsure of themselves after OT loss to Rams and blowing 12-point fourth-quarter lead to Brownies. VIKINGS.

Falcons (+4½) at Panthers: I can’t spell it any better than Aretha Franklin. R-E-S-P-E-C-T! I have to respect a team that opened 2-0 with last-second win over Jags and then upset world champs. Panthers "D" blocked two field goals and an extra point in that victory. Opening day win over Dallas had Falcons fans thinking they could wait it out and win Vick-less. Forgetaboutit! PANTHERS.

Cards (+8) at Rams: Real sense of urgency now in St. Louis. Faulk left game with fractured left hand. Feeling here is that someone will step up here and eliminate a clearly inferior Arizona club. RAMS.

Jags (—4) at Texans: Jags need to watch their step here or they’ll be staring at 0-4. Sooner or later Texans will win a home game. This might be the spot. TEXANS.

Chargers (+7) at Raiders: San Diego should play this game like a pack of wild dogs! In jeopardy of finishing winless in September. Expecting maximum effort from a mad dog. Raiders coming off Monday night with Broncos. Hopefully they’ll still be a mile-high! CHARGERS.

Cowboys +3 at Jets: Big Tuna trying to go 2-0 in the Big Apple. Cowboys have a little swagger after upset of Giants. Parcells had extra week to prepare and reduce the size of the Pokes heads. Jets close to falling apart without Pennington. Neither Testaverde nor Martin can carry this team. COWBOYS.

Lions (+9) at Broncos: Lions couldn’t punch it in last week versus Vikes. Should have made the cover. Denver coming off emotional Monday night with Raiders. Denver can’t possibly be as up for this lowly bunch. LIONS.

Colts (—1) at Saints: New Orleans having big problems running the ball. Looking for big effort from a backed-into-the corner dog, but too many injuries to do anything about it. Colts, flying high at 3-0, should make it 4. COLTS.

Packers (—4) at Bears: Chicago hasn’t shown anything first two weeks. Needed the bye week. Kicking off on a new field may provide just the boot Bears need. Packers showing signs of mediocrity. Favre jamming passes into places they don’t fit. And he’s not getting any younger. BEARS.

Last week: 6-7

Season: 26-18-1

Best bets: Panthers

Colts, Chargers