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Bingo specials in Oct.

Sep 30, 2003 1:57 AM

Exciting bingo bargains and specials can be found at the bingo parlors around the valley this month. Let’s take a look at October promotions.

For starters check out the all-new half price small Rainbow Packs at all Station Casinos and Fiestas. You can purchase up to five (5) electronic packs at each session. That’s a grand savings of up to $30 per session! If you prefer to use the paper packs, Small Rainbows provide unlimited savings of $6 per pack.

This offer is available at every session, every day for an unlimited time period. The special is currently available at Santa Fe, Boulder and Texas; it starts October 1 at Palace and October 13 at Sunset. Fiestas also begin on October 1. All Stations will also be offering a gift giveaway in honor of Columbus Day on Sunday, October 12. All bingo players who purchase a minimum buy-in of $4 or more will receive a desktop Dolphin Spinner. Gifts are available at all sessions while supplies last.

Ellis Island Casino continues their long-running promotion of offering free Bingo every Monday through Friday beginning at 9 a.m., played from anywhere in the casino. Guests can get one free bingo card every weekday to play six games with cash prizes ranging from $10 to $50 per game for a total of $120 every day.

Celebrating Columbus Day at the Gold Coast and Suncoast, players can collect the fourth in a series of special collector’s daubers on Sunday, October 12. The giveaway dauber this time is cartoon character "Dagwood." The gifts are available at all sessions with a minimum buy-in while supplies last.

One of the October bingo specials at Arizona Charlie’s Boulder is a bounce-back promotion. Buy-in at any session for a minimum of $10 and receive a $4 discount on the next session. You must be an Ultimate Rewards club member (free to join) and show your receipt from the previous session to receive the discounts.

Poker Palace in North Las Vegas holds over a very popular and potentially lucrative offer from September as we enter October. For every $20 buy-in in bingo, you can receive "Bingo Match Play" equal to your buy-in, up to a maximum amount of $60. You must be a member of the Gold Club slot club to participate, but, of course, that’s free to join. Complete rules and details are posted in the bingo room.

Until next time, may you all shout "B-I-N-G-O!"