The ‘truth’ will help you win!

Sep 30, 2003 2:34 AM

Having been involved in video poker since early 1990, I’ve seen a tremendous change in everything about the game. Obviously technological advances rule the day, and when we’re talking about video poker, we’re not only discussing gambling, we’re talking about big business.

But there is hope for those who like the game, want to win often, and are able to reject the continuing rhetoric of the so-called experts.

Few have come to realize the business aspect of video poker as well as I have, and it’s all due to experiences probably no one else has been through. Over six years of losing to the tune of computer-perfect, expert/optimal play along with a significant mathematical background, healthy bankroll, and iron-clad determination validates my gaming resume.

What puts it over-the-top is when I finally woke up to what was happening and developed my first winning Play Strategy in late 1996. Since then I have successfully added 5-Play Strategy, Multi-Strike Strategy, and several other methods of short-term/goal-oriented play strategies that incorporate a romp-through-town style of play.

By thinking for myself instead of following the trail others set for me down that road to addiction, long unnecessary hours inside casinos, and financial challenge, I’ve enjoyably compiled a record to date of 161-17 in nearly seven years. I won’t mention how much profit I’ve made because that’ll just cause the gurus and their followers to drop their chins for a sobering moment, and then tell everyone they know and who’ll listen to them that it’s just not true. So goes envy.

My "undeniable truth" theme continues, and will not stop until I feel my goal of helping as many players as possible understand what they’re up against is attained.

If it weren’t for plain old common sense and the ability to think for myself, I’d be just as bamboozled as you. It’s all about the business, my friends. Textbook play, unattainable perfection throughout a period none of us will ever be there for ”” infinity ”” and cleverly worded spotty wins prey on the weak when it comes to business and sales.

But not everybody’s weak. There are much better ways, and I believe in an activity such as gambling people should be able to find help and advice that doesn’t cost them a dime. Look at it this way: When’s the last time you watched a successful and famous chef on TV use a book to prepare a popular or favorite recipe?

And eating is necessary ”” gambling is not. So why would you possibly expect that pricey strategy cards, sites with ridiculous fees, mathematically-laced books, endless videos, computer programs saturated with play theory, and "ask-me-a-question-and-pay-me-for-my-answer" ads will do anything at all other than put more gambling money into the sales person’s pockets?

All a sensible player need do is understand that anything can happen at any time they choose to play, and develop their strategy around that one truth. Probabilities, math models, the law of large numbers, these all serve their purpose well in classroom instruction, but are best laughed at in actual video poker play.

Each hand is an individual event, and regardless of what a statistician might expect should be the case, one single hand will never, ever include itself into a theoretical position. What happens happens. What has happened over time has absolutely nothing to do with what might happen on your present hand, or what might happen on your next hand.

If you get lucky and know how to handle it (as pre-determined in a short-term plan of pre-set win & loss goals), you will almost always turn the tide on the constant long-term advantage owned exclusively by the casinos. How hard is that to understand, gurus? Not much I suspect. But the truth doesn’t sell in this business. That’s why I give it away for free.