Magic of healing!

Sep 30, 2003 3:36 AM

Congratulations to MGM Grand star David Copperfield who is helping people with pain through magic. Project Magic is now being done by Nevada Health South as a form of therapy in which magic is used to help people with various levels of physical, psycho-social and development disabilities.

I’m no genius (can you tell?), but I’m predicting that the "in the works" MGM/Cirque opening would not be before 2008, based on how slow the Cirque brass makes decisions.

Just ask the MGM Mirage retail people what it takes to get answers. Speaking of Cirque, the MGM Grand accountants can’t wait until July when the next "real" Cirque show opens in the old EFX Theater.

It will "dwarf" the current shows is what I’ve been told. I’m wondering if the others ”” except for "O" ”” can survive.

The new Zumanity television commercial is brilliant. One would think after viewing it you would be attending a typical Cirque show, which you aren’t.

Are tickets for Metallica’s New Year’s Eve bash at the Hard Rock really $514 and $314 as another columnist has reported? Seems a bit pricey, even for New Year’s.

With all the money she’s supposedly raking in, why couldn’t Caesars Palace and Celine Dion share the new 10 percent entertainment tax instead of passing it on to the public?

Danny Gans has more than 11,000 requests for tickets for his annual "thank you" to local residents on October 12. His Mirage theater holds about 1,200 and each ticket costs $25.

Roy Horn, of Siegfried & Roy, celebrates his 59th birthday on Friday. Have a happy, Roy!

Cirque du Soleil publicist Brigitte Belanger-Warner is expecting her first child. Congratulations Brigitte!

I hear that Darren Romeo is off to China for some performances. I wonder if he’ll be singing in Mandarin.

Jay White’s uncanny tribute to Neil Diamond at the Riviera is worth the trip to the north end of The Strip. White shares the Le Bistro Lounge with four acts including the original Little Anthony and The Imperials.

Harrah’s headliner Clint Holmes is featured along with Carlos Santana, Stevie Wonder, among others, on the upcoming Angels on Earth Music for Healing Christmas CD. Holmes version of Little Drummer Boy, arranged by Las Vegas’ Pat Caddick, is outstanding.

Knowing something about music myself, I think it should be a contemporary holiday sensation.

Congratulations to Frankie Valli, Connie Stevens, Breck Wall, Cook E. Jar and Bill Acosta on being named the Casino Legends Hall of Fame class of 2003.

Las Vegas, the NBC television show, did okay in its initial ratings despite some very negative reviews. Like most attempts at portraying Las Vegas, it was filled with clichés, exaggerations and weak story line. Nevertheless, I’m up for a cameo role! If nothing else, I’ll look great, as Theresa Graves, my mystical stylist, makes Vidal Sassoon look like a short order cook.

Ovation! is the name of Dick Feeney’s new show opening very soon at the Sahara in Steve Wyrick’s old digs.

If you want to have a late, great night, stop by to see hypnotist Anthony Cools at the Stardust. He’s funny and vulgar.

Palm Mortuary is celebrating death with a Viva Las Vegas funeral. I know when I go I want a Diva Las Vegas celebration. Just make sure I’m not breathing when they sprinkle the dirt on my casket.