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Clerks asleep at the switch!

Sep 30, 2003 6:28 AM

A BETTOR’S DREAM COME TRUE! There were red faces (and empty cash registers) at the Hong Kong Jockey Club last week. They booked bets on the European Cup soccer matches but paid little attention to the scheduling.

It was a costly error although officials won’t divulge just how much.

Seems they posted the Cup game involving the Mallorca (Spain) team against Apeol Nicosia of Cyprus. Game time was listed as 6:30, but Cup officials moved up the starting time to 5:00.

Nobody at the Jockey Club paid attention to the time and betting continued on the game, even though Mallorca scored an early goal! Finally, at 5:36, Jockey Club personnel realized they were still taking bets on a game that was being played, and the betting machines were shut down. Too late, of course, to stop the smart bettors from making a major score since Mallorca went on to win 2-1.

The legislature only approved soccer bookmaking on Aug. 1 and opponents blamed last week’s error on the inexperienced Jockey Club personnel.

"If they keep making these mistakes," said an opponent, "no matter how much money they make they won’t be able to cover all their losses."


THE MOB’S IN TOWN! No, not that mob. Instead, the quasi-famous Hendon Mob from the United Kingdom is in Las Vegas to play in the Four Queens Poker Classic at the Four Queens Hotel.

Currently on a world tour, the Hendon Mob consists of a rag-tag bunch of blokes who have become one of Europe’s most formidable poker teams. This past weekend, they raked in about $26,000 for one night’s work.

The mob consists of ”˜Barmy’ Barry Boatman, Joe ”˜The EleganceBeevers, Ram ”˜Crazy HorseVaswani and ”˜RockyRoss Boatman.

The group is expected to play in the Four Queens big No Limit Hold’em Championship Event, which begins Friday and continues through Sunday.

After the tourney, the group is off to other exotic locales, including Amsterdam, Helsinki and Australia.


MAYBE THEY’LL MEET AT THE ALTAR: "Don’t be surprised if TVG decides to go all the way and take out entirely," said a West Coast pipe. "The way it stands, if TVG (a division of Gemstar-TV Guide International Inc.) exercises its option, it will end up being the company’s majority stockholder but with little say in the way it operates."

The pipe went on to explain that Youbet has placed key proposals in its annual meeting proxy that would call for the staggered election of directors and for supermajority votes for changes in the company’s by-laws.

"That would shut the door on any plans TVG might have to influence Youbet’s operations," he pointed out. "Combined, the two companies dominate the home