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Plimpton wasno Paper Lion

Sep 30, 2003 7:55 AM

Paper Lion, the novel, allowed all of us to see what it was like to be a pro football player long before virtual games and ESPN. George Plimpton was often called a modern day Walter Mitty, in that he was able to live out his dreams.

Plimpton passed away a few days ago, but the memory of him trying to make the Detroit Lions preseason squad back in the 1960s will forever live as a literary epic. He will be missed.

In the real world of the NFL, Week 4 of the Bookies Battles produced a three-way tie at 11-2. Chuck Esposito (Caesars Palace), Rob Terch (Casino MonteLago) and Robert Jaynes (Stratosphere) were the sages. Wish I had their picks.

Underdogs were 7-5-1 ATS, and the "under" was 9-4.

The Las Vegas Invitational has added Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia to the 90-hole event set for Oct. 8-12. Sorry, no Tiger.