With cake, I'm ready for battle

Apr 8, 2008 7:00 PM

Back in the Saddle by Johnny Hale | Back in the 1500s, Henry Tudor was building his chapel at Westminster and Christopher Columbus was on his final voyage to the new world. Christopher was actually headed for the coast of Panama and the island of Hispaniola when a freak wind pushed him off course near two tiny, low-lying mounds of earth. He named the islands "Las Tortugas" after the multitude of sea turtles that he found there.

On later maps the islands were labeled the Cairmanau, the Carib Indian word for "Crocodile" which really refers to the name Caimanas which refers inaccurately to the Iguanas the native of the islands, not to crocodiles.

There is a lot of history in these islands of the Caribbean Sea, but most of the poker players came on board this ship for a place to play some high poker on the high seas.

We will be back in Vegas next week and the poker rooms will not be rocking with the waves of the Caribbean.

However, the players in Vegas always make the poker rooms alive with their actions and really don’t need the waves to make the chips move.