Maybe, dawgs are biting back

Oct 7, 2003 8:16 AM

Mark it on your calendars! Week 5 marked the first Sunday of the season where the dawgs outnumbered the favorites at the end of the day. Final score: Dogs 8, Favorites 4.

It was only one week, but maybe the worm is turning. Then again, check your dog. Maybe you just need worm medicine.

Home dogs came out of the dawg house for a peek at the cashier’s window finishing Sunday at 2-1. Home puppies are still a shocking 4-14 for the season.

On to Week 6:

Giants (+3) at Patriots: Pats have been shaky on the road, but playing tough ”˜D’ at home. New England totaled over 160 rushing yards against tough Titans ”˜D’. Kerry Collins & Co. working on renaming G-men the Z-men. Giants backers have been put in a deep sleep last three weeks! PATS.

Bucs (—4) at Skins: Now that Tony Dungy has left town, Bucs can relax a little and concentrate on burying Pat Ramsey, who has been sacked more than any QB in the league. That stat probably won’t improve this week. BUCS.

Raiders (+3) at Browns: Can Raider Nation regime expect threat of a coup if Raiders drop back-to-back games to Bears and Browns? It’s more than a possibility. Browns looked like world champs Sunday night in Pittsburgh. As long as Romo is out of the game are the Raiders out of the money? BROWNS.

Panthers (+7) at Colts: I don’t care what Tony Dungy spoon-fed the media, Monday night’s game at Tampa Bay was a pressure-cooker. Can’t possibly be as emotionally up for this game. Don’t forget the Panthers upset of Bucs in Week 2. Tremendous ”˜D’ allows Carolina to hang with the high-flying Colts. PANTHERS.

Chiefs (+1½) at Packers: Everything is falling KC’s way, unbeaten at 5-0 for the first time in franchise history. How do you pass on a red-hot team getting points? CHIEFS.

Texans (+10) at Titans: Dom Capers’ play-to-win Texans go into Tennessee on a high note. Fresh off their, "who needs field goals to send games into OT" win over Jags. Titans doubting themselves after letting one slip away against Patriots, who were beat up on both sides of the ball. TEXANS.

Dolphins (—4½) at Jags: Fish have been fierce since Texans upset in Week 1. I don’t care how good Leftwich is or is going to be, he’s not ready for Miami’s D. Jags still giddy over first win against floundering and winless Chargers. DOLPHINS.

Bears (+5½) at Saints: The Saints are beat up bad, but Chicago is the type of bad news Bears that Saints can get well against. N’Orlans will pick up just second win of season. SAINTS.

Eagles (—1) at Cowboys: How ’bout them Cowboys! How many of you thought Dallas would be 3-1 right now? Players are buying into Parcells system faster than anticipated. Now, if Jerry Jones can just leave Parcells alone, like he should have done with Jimmy Johnson, the Pokes might find their way back to the money games. Quincy Carter playing like Troy Aikman and Dallas D is shutting down everything in sight. McNabb overrated? What QB isn’t? COWBOYS.

Bills (-2) at Jets: Travis Henry was a long-shot to play and surprise, there he was on Sunday. Bills power rating is much higher with Henry in the backfield. Jets fans can start dreaming about a high draft pick! BILLS.

Steelers (+5) at Broncos: Denver has to be feeling a little snake-bit after giving up late lead to Chiefs. Steelers starting to wonder about the longevity of Tommy Maddox after pathetic performance versus Browns. BRONCOS.

Ravens (-5½) at Cards: Pope John Paul II recently announced the names of 30 new cardinals, but Arizona wasn’t in the mix. The pope said the 30 cardinals would set the course of the Roman Catholic Church for decades to come. I think the Cardinals have set their own course as perhaps the worst NFL franchise the last three decades! Go to church Sunday and pray for a cover! CARDS.

Niners (+3½) at Seahawks: Seattle hit the first blip on the radar screen at Green Bay, but the Seahawks are still on the rise. Niners continue struggling to find ways to win. Not sure who’s running the show in San Francisco. Dennis Erickson’s handling of the Terrell Owens incident was weak. SEAHAWKS.

Falcons (+11) at Rams: St. Louis shouldn’t take Falcons lightly. Atlanta played better than score indicated last week versus Minnesota. Uncomfortable laying this large number against a Monday night dawg! FALCONS.

Last Week: 7-6

Season: 44-28-1

Best Bets: Chiefs, Cowboys, Seahawks