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ESPN rushesto judgment

Oct 7, 2003 8:18 AM

Rush Limbaugh should have said that QB Donovan McNabb was over-rated and stopped right there. He didn’t, so the firestorm from alleged racial comments forced him to resign from the pre-game ESPN NFL show. Jimmy The Greek, Al Campanis and Ben Wright can relate.

By the way, McNabb had a decent game in a 27-25 win over Washington. But, his Eagles made few friends with some bettors after allowing 13 points in the final two minutes.

The NHL begins play Wednesday with threats of a shutdown. Rob Terch, manager of the beautiful MonteLago sports book at Lake Las Vegas has props on the board for top scorer and most goalie wins. (See Page 18). Kudos to Rob and his staff for the hard work. Hopefully the pucks will fly the entire season.

... We pick Chris Riley in LV Invitational.