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Outpouring for Roy

Oct 14, 2003 2:53 AM

The spotlight of love from around the world has shined on our city since Roy Horn nearly lost his life in a tragic on-stage accident with one of his beloved tigers. Roy, and has partner Siegfried, have been special to me since they were the first entertainers to welcome me to my new home. They have been so supportive, understanding what I wanted to accomplish and helping me along the way.

ROY HORN charmed friends at birthday bash just before accident.

My insiders at UMC say that Roy’s injuries are more than we could ever imagine. He’s on the mend, but no one knows how long it will take. One thing is for sure: a glorious era has come to an end. No longer shall the gleam, the glitter, the genius of the world’s most successful entertainers light up the Strip. The billboards with their images will be gone as well as the taxi cab ads. I can’t imagine the Strip without the Mirage marquee with Siegfried & Roy’s picture on it. The day it is removed, which is inevitable, will be one of our city’s darkest days.

The recent Andre Agassi Grand Slam for Children raised more than $12 million, but it was an evening with attitude. Dennis Miller, whose act can use a major overhaul, was as caustic as usual which didn’t sit pretty with Diva of the Century, Elton John. I know that many of the big buck-paying guests were disturbed by Miller’s questionable banter. Sir Elton decided to do a diva diatribe as he was not going to stand for this dilettantish demeanor.

I’m wondering who is looking after Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt’s beau Dennis Bono while she’s in China on Las Vegas tourism business? She has told the media that they’re just friends, but I’ve heard it is much more meaningful.

Sheena Easton has replaced Patty Chong as host of the upcoming Las Vegas One morning cable show. Easton will share hosting duties with her pal, Clint Holmes.

The stunning Anne Geddes baby photographic images are being combined with an inspiring collection of songs for a CD and book to be released in October 2004.

Congratulations to Dirk Arthur for his articulate and endearing comments about Roy Horn and dealing with exotic cats. Arthur’s four-wall at the downtown Plaza has begun, but it’s still a soft opening.

Al Martino will bring his bag of melodic tunes to the Suncoast, October 24-26. As you may recall, Martino was in the "Godfather," though far from the star that was plastered on the old Sands marquee prior to his engagement years ago.

Like many of the Strip performers, La Cage beauty Frank Marino removed the jokes about Siegfried & Roy from his monologue.

Variety Club is the movies’ official charity formed decades ago in Pittsburgh by local movie theater owners. I just found out by reading the society page that we have a local chapter.

MARLENE RICCI has extended her contract at the Riviera’s Le Bistro.

Marlene Ricci has extended her contract with the Riviera and will operate the hotel’s lounge for another year. The 165-seat room is an intimate place to see some fine acts.

Look for an announcement that our beloved Metro Police Department (don’t you just love men in uniforms) hope to build a police museum.

Larry King, due to a schedule conflict, cancelled his October 28 gig at Caesars Palace’s Colosseum. I guess somebody finally talked some sense into him.

This is a very special column: there was no mention of Celine or Zumanity!