Gambling top Toronto topic

Oct 14, 2003 3:33 AM

Mayoral candidate Tom Jakobek is proposing that Toronto open its doors to casinos as a way to attract tourists and add to the city’s coffers.

Here’s a sample of public opinion.

Con: "Casinos breed crime and misery. Once a casino is here it will be difficult to get rid of no matter how corrupt.".

Pro: "Yes, I’m totally in support of a casino opening in the city. After SARS, we need to make up the loss our city suffered."

Neutral: Casinos should be utilized for good-will charities to avoid door-to-door or public charitable solicitations.

Toronto Star

Flat-out gamble

Dance superstar Michael Flatley’s plan to begin building an ambitious $750 million Irish casino in Las Vegas is major news in Ireland.

"The money is the easiest thing in the world," Flatley said. "This is about getting the right people and right partners."

The proposed 2,400-room gambling and entertainment complex is expected to take two years for completion.

Belfast Telegraph