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AM-PM Convenience Store

Oct 14, 2003 3:47 AM

Meat quality: Triple-cheeseburger with provolone cheese.

Type of fries: none.

Bun size: regular, medium bun.

Drink: none

Order method: self-serve.

Wait time for meal: 0 min.

Price: $1.25 (without tax).

Atmosphere: clean, modern.

Rating/comment: 3 wimpys
(out of 5):


After seeing TV ads all week promoting a $1.25 triple cheeseburger at this convenience store, we just had to see for ourselves. Sure enough, there it was ”” sitting by its lonesome under the hot lights already cooked and ready to be devoured. As with all pre-cooked burgers, they harden with time and become an effort to chew. Not a bad effort for the money, but let’s face facts. If you want a good burger, don’t look for the easy fix. We didn’t finish the burger ”” that’s how heavy and filling it was. Our suggestion is avoid pre-cooked burgers at all costs. The convenience of not waiting is definitely appreciated, but if unless you are in a real rush or have no other eating alternative, go to a restaurant.