Dog admits Cowboys are good

Oct 14, 2003 10:19 AM

We haven’t even reached the half-mile pole as Bill Parcells might say. But half of the eight divisions have leaders with at least a two game lead.

The Colts, Panthers, Vikings, and yes, can you believe it, how bout them Cowboys, have all broken out on top and threaten to lengthen their leads.

Jets finally grabbed a win. Only the Chargers remain winless. The Vikings, Panthers, and Chiefs, all head into Week 7 with a goose egg in the loss column. But as Parcells said after the win over Philly, "if they paid off at the half-mile pole I’d be a rich man." And we’re not quite halfway.

Ten weeks of the regular season remain on the schedule. Whether you’re two games in front or two back, you can’t be caught up in looking too far down the road. Same scenario applies to Denny The Dog. Lets get busy with the action at hand and take it one week at a time. Bring it on!

Skins (+3) at Bills: Many people had Buffalo in the Super Bowl after Week 2. Record suddenly went from 2-0 to 3-3. Travis Henry’s production is dwindling. Giving slight edge to Ramsey (mobility) over Bledsoe. Ramsey very impressive for three quarters in Tampa Bay, but sacked six times. Bledsoe grabbed seven times behind the line at Meadowlands. SKINS.

Eagles (+2) at Giants: Both "QBs" need to clear cobwebs they seem tangled up in on a weekly basis. Struggling? That might be an understatement. I’m staking my claim with the better defense. McNabb to lift the curse of the Limbaughino! EAGLES.

Cowboys (—3½) at Lions: I knew the Pokes were over-inflated but this week is an all-time high after Eagles win. Lions needed a deep breath after Packers, Vikings, Broncos and Niners all in succession. Detroit didn’t win any of them but hung tough for the cover in a couple. This should be a home dog ready to burst the bubble of a team probably shocked to have a two game lead, even though they just passed the quarter-mile pole. LIONS.

Chargers (+6) at Browns: I like Marty Schottenheimer. But I don’t like anything about his team so far. Chargers have dropped 12 of their last 14 going back to last year. Not sure if the Browns know who will be the "QB" for remainder of the season. But looks like whoever it is, should benefit from a rejuvenated "D" and William Green. BROWNS.

Ravens (—2½) at Bengals: Cincy and home dogs in general (6-17) are the Rodney Dangerfields of the NFL. But Marvin Lewis should deserve respect after pulling out covers in three of five games. Bengals’ "D" is much improved and Kitna can be dangerous. BENGALS.

Broncos (+3) at Vikings: Both back-up "QBs" have filled in admirably. Sticking with the home team, coming off a bye and still unbeaten. VIKINGS.

Titans (+3) at Panthers: McNair might be MVP if season ended today. Over 400 yards and three "TDs" last week. When asked to do everything, sooner or later the load becomes too heavy. No running game to compliment his great arm. Delhomme just one of many weapons in Carolina. Big edge with Panthers’ smothering "D". PANTHERS.

Saints (pick) at Falcons: Who dat goin’ be the cellar dweller? I’m hanging my hat on the slightly better running game and defense. SAINTS.

Pats (+5½) at Dolphins: All you hear about is how banged up the Pats are, but they just keep winning. Two-game winning streak may end here. Dolphin "D" is knocking down everyone in sight. And Ricky Williams is on fire! DOLPHINS.

Packers (+3) at Rams: St. Louis has underachieved first six weeks. I’m looking for continued improvement from this team into the second half of the season. RAMS.

Jets (—3½) at Texans: Jets broke into win column last week. Have not been able to run or stop the run with any consistency. Texans should be able to muster big effort at home for their third win. TEXANS.

Bears (+9) at Seahawks: Anthony Thomas ran pretty well against Saints and Bears still lost the game and cover! Saying there’s a huge edge with Matt Hasselbeck over Kordell Stewart might be the understatement of the decade! SEAHAWKS.

Bucs (—3) at Niners: I’m still not convinced Dennis Erickson has a clue how to successfully guide an NFL team to a winning season. Gruden over Erickson is the edge I’m seeing. But the Bucs’ "D" is the edge I’m feeling. BUCS.

Chiefs (—4) at Raiders: Can’t imagine a number big enough after Raiders committed 19 penalties, including five consecutive plays. Al Davis and his marketing gurus busy sketching logo of new mascot ”” the zebra! CHIEFS.

Last week: 8-5

Season: 53-33-1

Best Bets: Chiefs, Skins, Lions