Home unddogs stinking
up our home at 7-1

Oct 21, 2003 5:22 AM

Throw the dawg a bone!

I’m starting to plead. Ok, I admit it. I’m begging. Give the damn’ dogs a break, especially the home pups. When playing in the friendly confines of their own house the doggies are 7-19. It’s bad enough the favorites are clipping along at 55 percent winners, but I might need a pooper-scooper to pick up the less than 37 percent cashed tickets on those bad puppies.

They’re stinkin’ up the joint to put it mildly.

Even with all the dawg-gone trouble we head to the eighth weekend (half-way home) with a winning percentage of 58 percent. Not quite livin’ the high life, like the strictly road favorite players are, but respectable nonetheless.

Falcons, Packers, Raiders and Skins are taking the week off, but The Dog worked overtime on these selections.

Browns (+5½ at Pats): A man could go broke listening to broadcasters talking about all the Patriots injuries. Every week you hear about all their starters out. Meanwhile Belichick has found a way to keep band-aids on the bruises and Pats have won three straight. Might not be able to get amped up for Brownies after emotional win in Miami. Browns should have Holcomb back at "QB" which means less turnovers, more points and a cover. BROWNS.

Broncos (+1) at Ravens: Denver finished Vikings game with Danny Kanell under center. Should be able to compete against the rookie Boller, who had a big day with a couple of "TD" passes. The Ravens "QB" also made some costly mistakes in loss to Bengals. BRONCOS.

Rams (PK) at Steelers: Cowher coming off bye week. Sat there for two weeks in the coaches’ office with his chin out and smoke fuming out of his ears. The offensive line will be too difficult a task to patch up in time. Marc Bulger comes into town with the hot hand. Meantime, Tommy Maddox is on the chain gang with cool-hand Luke. RAMS.

Seahawks (—2½) at Bengals: Cincy has won 2 of last 3, with the setback in "OT" to Buffalo. Kitna not all bad as Ravens found out last week. Seahawks on a big two game roll after Packers debacle, but the wins were by skin of their Seahawks beaks. Backers have had to toss their tickets in the trash bin both weeks! BENGALS.

Lions (+2) at Bears: Lions, tigers and Bears... oh my! I think both teams have ingested poppies from Wizard of Oz. They’re sound asleep! Bears haven’t been right since Urlacher used to carry Da Bears. Now he’s more into carrying Paris Hilton around casinos! LIONS.

Giants (+7) at Vikings: The Eagles were lucky Jim Fassel got a late start working on offense he vowed to fix last week. G-men aren’t playing bad defense. Could be very interesting game if Collins can awaken from his slumber. Feeling here is this might be the spot for Vikes to slip. GIANTS.

Titans (—4½) at Jags: Difficult to bet against McNair, but eventually the lack of a running game will catch up to Tennessee. Might be this week as Jaguars had two weeks to prepare. JAGS.

Cowboys (+5½) at Bucs: The champs are 5-1 and Dallas is 3-3, right? What? I’ve reversed it? I’m not convinced the Bucs won’t be under .500 after Dallas leaves Florida. Pokes rushing over 125 yards per game. Is anyone playing "QB" better than Quincy Carter? COWBOYS.

Panthers (+1) at Saints: Panthers need to locate their workhorse Stephen Davis. Bruised arm must be very sore, 11 carries for 20 yards versus Titans. Jake Delhomme cannot win on his arm. He needs a great running game. Several Saints veterans watched film on their day off last week and the hard work paid off on the field. Brooks seems more comfortable in pocket now and Deuce may be the wild-card! SAINTS.

49ers (—7) at Cards: St. Louis coming off bye which was helpful, but wide receiver injuries might be too difficult to overcome. Since second half of the Seahawks game, Niners seem to have finally woken up. Back-to-back covers look strong, especially with Garrison Hearst heating up against Tampa Bay. NINERS.

Jets (+2) at Eagles: Have to tip your hat to Herm Edwards. Jets could have tossed in the towel after 0-4 start. But Vinny and the Jets put two gutsy games together to perhaps save their season. Chad Pennington should come back at Philly. McNabb still suffering with bruised thumb, hitting just 9 of 23 for 64 yards versus G-men. JETS.

Texans (+11) at Colts: Houston defense disappears on the road. Peyton Manning likely to throw for a half-dozen"TD"s. COLTS.

Bills (+7) at Chiefs: Bills are on a roller-coaster. After starting 2-0, looked like Buffalo could start printing Super Bowl tickets. Bills then lost 3 of 4 and looked more like they were ready for toilet bowl. Much different team when Travis Henry is healthy and peeling off big yards like he did against Skins. Chiefs a much tougher test and a better team. Buffalo will be getting plenty of points and probably at least one too many! BILLS.

Dolphins (—3½) at Chargers: You might want to stop those Super Bowl ticket printing presses in Miami. Fiedler threw for over 190 yards for the first time in six games last week. Dolphins offense hasn’t gone over 300 the last 4 contests. RB Tomlinson should keep this game close. CHARGERS.

Last week: 5-8

Season: 58-42-1