Future legends?

Oct 28, 2003 12:16 AM

The recent induction of the Class of 2003 into the Legends Hall of Fame maybe the last ceremony for awhile. With the Tropicana Hotel brass announcing that it wouldn’t make a decision on the future of the hotel, Steve Cutler’s plans for next year are in limbo.

If it is imploded, which is what I’m hearing, it’ll be too late for Cutler to find a new home. If they just decide to refurbish, it’s still doubtful "due to construction." We’ll see.

Isn’t it sad, though it all may very well be true, about David Gest’s assertions that my dearest of friends Liza Minnelli "physically attacked" him during their marriage? See what happens when two witches get together!

Siegfried and Roy’s annual Halloween candy-giving festivities in front of their house has become a part of "Safe Street" at Opportunity Village this week. The move was planned prior to Roy’s accident.

Speaking of S&R, Siegfried traveled to Germany last week to accept the World Entertainment Award as part of the third annual World Awards. In accepting the award, according to AP, he told organizers he needed another copy for Roy and that "the Siegfried who you see before you here will soon return again as Siegfried & Roy." Others honored included Christopher Reeve, Michael Douglas, Karl Lagerfeld and Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb.

The bandwagon continues to grow. This week, the Scintas, the wholesome family show at The Rio, performed an "uncensored" show for fellow performers and their cast and crews. Even Mama Scinta, who attends every Rio performance, was pictured on the invite. Isn’t this "sex sells" going to far? It is because nobody wants to include me!

Steve Wyrick’s Aladdin show is getting closer to reality as construction on his new theater is nearing completion and he recently held a very successful female-dancer audition. Can’t wait to see whom he selected.

Kenny Ortega, who choreographed Gloria Estefan at Caesars Palace, revealed his newest work ”” the Sirens at TI ”” last weekend. I’m sure it’ll rock the boat!

One of the city’s worst kept secrets ”” Sir Elton John performing at the Colisseum ”” was officially announced. Elton and I go back to my Disco Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes days, though, admittedly, he has garnered a bit more success. One thing is certain, he will be the new reigning queen of the Strip. Rumors persist that his take from his week-long engagements will top Celine’s.

Dirk Arthur has debuted at the downtown Plaza, but keeps telling anyone who will listen that he’s only doing a soft opening.

Though there have been a lot of tryouts ”” and more to come ”” the networks and syndicators haven’t said "yes" to any of the variety shows being showcased. One would think that Robin Leach has the edge with his Penthouse Vegas.

While the Aflack duck gets more air time, Ben Affleck had his tale feathers plucked by the Walt Disney brass. His shenanigans don’t fit the company image, so it dropped plans for an upcoming feature.

Even a new health spa gets media attention. I made my first visit to the Imperial Palace to see if I could get a free massage and to see its long-running Legends in Concert. Show creator wasn’t around but I hear he was with partner David Saxe checking out Ovation. Marva Scott as Donna Summer is superb.

Lots of rumbling from the Sahara that the new magic show isn’t capturing the hearts of ticket buyers. Broadway is coming to Las Vegas, but it’s a few miles from the Strip. A series of shows, including Paige O’Hara starring in "Showboat" and "The Mayor of Edwin Drood, will be performed at the Starbright Theater in Summerlin’s Sun City. The theater seats a cozy 300.

The Mirage advertising department has started replacing Siegfried & Roy billboards around town and have also sniped some of the major boards saying that Roy is in their prayers.

Rumors have started again that there will be entertainment changes at the Venetian. The first thing would be to close C2K and build a real showroom.