No ‘Joshing’ about Marlins

Oct 28, 2003 5:33 AM

I was wrong. The Florida Marlins won in six games and not five. I thought Josh Beckett would win Game 3. I’ll blame the home plate ump for some questionable ball-strike calls.

Other than that, this World Series was great. Beckett was in a zone and just plain nasty, while the emotionally spent Yanks had nothing left after that bitter ALCS vs. Boston.

...The shift of Monday’s NFL matchup from the fire-ravaged San Diego area to Phoenix forced many of the sports books here to take the game off the board. It’s only fair to do the same in the Bookies Battle, since the line move from Âí­Miami —3 to —6 could have changed the esteemed group’s choices. Thus, no contest.

...We like the late night weekend Stardust radio shows, but dump that silly disclaimer noting that the opinions are being used for "entertainment purposes only." The info IS used for betting.