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Chad won’t top
NY Giants either

Oct 28, 2003 7:23 AM

The Carolina Panthers are 6-1. John Fox’s Cinderella club has a two game lead on the Super Bowl champs. That’s a surprise.

But the Panthers are 3-0 in over-time games this season. That’s amazing. But the real shocker is that all 3 victories were on the road. When you’ve taken down the Saints, Colts and Bucs at the end of regulation, well, to say it was impressive would be an understatement.

Speaking of impressive, Chiefs only unbeaten team after G-men upset of Vikings. Denny The Dog peaking out of the dog house, looking to end a rather unimpressive couple of weeks.

Giants —1 at Jets: Chad Pennington was supposed to be the knight in shining armor. But after an 0-4 start, the Jets were beginning to gain momentum with Vinny under center and had won their last two games. Enter Pennington and the Jets did not produce the "W" at Philly. Took Fassel one more week than expected but he did make good on his promise to fix the offense. What’s next, something like, "don’t worry, we’ll be in the playoffs." Why doesn’t he just say it? You know he’s thinking about it. GIANTS.

Jaguars +6 at Ravens: I’m not waiting any longer for Boller to make rookie mistakes. They’re just not happening that frequently. Matched up against another rookie, Byron Leftwich, who is making plenty of costly errors. Edge to Boller, who has Jamal Lewis in his backfield, while Leftwich deals with Fred Taylor. RAVENS.

Raiders —4½ at Lions: Not sure which team is the most disappointed. Probably Oakland, since they were in the Super Bowl yet failed to show up. And they haven’t been the same since. Sooner or later one of these teams has to win a game and cover a spread. Home dawgs were 2-1 last week and sooner or later they’ll have a break out week too. LIONS.

Chargers PK at Bears: Da Bears are livin’ on borrowed time with Chris Chandler one big hit away from turning things over to Rex Grossman or yikes ”” Kordell Stewart! Chargers the type of team to deliver big hit! CHARGERS.

Colts +3 at Dolphins: Miami has shown the better "D."But there’s no doubt who owns the best offense. Colts can win this game straight-up with a little tweaking of their "D." The Edge is back and that’s more ammo for Colts. Peyton Manning has big time bullets and will give Miami the whole nine yards in this game, which used to be a heated divisional rivalry. COLTS.

Saints +8 at Bucs: The champs have been up one week and down the next all season-even at home. Saints have started to play better although they blew an "OT" thriller to Panthers last week. It should be difficult for Tampa Bay to repeat devastating "D" displayed versus Dallas. SAINTS.

Skins +4½ at Cowboys: Desperate road team made several moves and spent a bunch of green to improve their team in the off-season. It has to be burning Daniel Snyder and Steve Spurrier that Parcells has basically come in, and in one year, with same basic team he had the year before, has Dallas on top in the NFC East. Patrick Ramsey plus the points looks like the right side. Maybe looks a half-point better on that side. SKINS.

Panthers -7½ at Texans: Home doggie! Those puppies are due for a big week. Panthers are receiving tons of ink now. All the hype should drive the points up for a bargain. If the Texans can cover Peyton Manning they should be able to win the money versus Delhomme. TEXANS.

Bengals -3 at Cards: Cards are a home dawg. I know. But I have to draw the line somewhere. Two horrendous organizations. But one of them has taken tremendous strides in just one season. Corey Dillon may not want to play but Rudi Johnson and plenty of other players are more than willing. Kitna red-hot last two weeks. BENGALS.

Steelers +4½ at Seahawks: Steelers have lost 4 straight. But they’re playing much tougher on the road than at home. Seahawks have dropped two of last four games and haven’t been blowing teams out at home. STEELERS.

Eagles -4½ at Falcons: Home dogs sounded like a great idea until the Cards and Falcons appeared on the board. McNabb’s thumb is better and so are the Eagles. EAGLES.

Rams -2½ at Niners: Rams have won 3 consecutive and Bulger appears more confident with each game. 49ers play better at home but totally inconsistent this season and don’t appear ready to take on possibly the best offense in NFL today. RAMS.

Packers +3 at Vikings: Week one the Vikes won 30-25. I think they’ll win by more this time. They were caught looking ahead to this game last week. The great D Vikes have played all season long will return this week. VIKINGS.

Pats +1 at Broncos: Until the Broncos find a QB, or Plummer returns, all bets are off on Denver! Pats have won four straight and Belichick’s defensive game plans have been outstanding. PATS.


SEASON: 62-52-1

BEST BETS: Pats, Vikings, Rams, Steelers.