Spooky slots!

Nov 4, 2003 12:09 AM

Mel Brooks’ 1975 comedy classic Young Frankenstein — as Gene Wilder says repeatedly in the movie, that’s pronounced ”˜Fronk-en-steen’ — is slated to headline at a new venue: a casino near you.

Slot maker IGT has adapted Brooks’ hilarious parody of the original 1930s Frankenstein movies, transforming it into Young Frankenstein Video Slots, a new MegaJackpots theme with a top award starting at $100,000.

Young Frankenstein, a 5-reel, 15-line nickel game, will be part of the Spooky Slots MegaJackpots link along with The Addams Family Video Slots and Elvira - Mistress of the Dark Video Slots.

Looking like a mini-movie set of a mad scientist’s laboratory, the machine top box includes four moving bonus credit indicators that seem to come alive with electricity during the game’s elaborate Monster bonus. Just as the movie copied the black and white atmospherics of the 1930s films, the slot machine provides a similar fun twist: the movie character symbols — Dr. Fredrick Frankenstein, the Monster, Igor, Inga, Elizabeth and Frau Blucher — are illustrated in the black and white movie style until a winning combination turns them into talking, animated color images.

The Pick a Brain bonus harkens back to a scene in the movie where Igor grabs the wrong brain from the "brain depository." The game launches the bonus when three, four or five Pick A Brain symbols land anywhere on the reels. The player selects one of the symbols, which animates to reveal the brain type — abnormal (or is that abby normal?), ordinary or genius ”” and the credits won.

In the Monster bonus, Dr. Frankenstein welcomes players to the bonus laboratory where they are offered a selection of electrical switches representing credit values. After the player makes a choice among the switches, a multiplier is revealed that sets in motion the "equipment" in the top box. Through the various steps of the bonus, Dr. Frankenstein "emcees" the experiment and comments on its success.

But the most radical transformation of all comes when a player hits five Young Frankenstein symbols on the fifteenth payline and wins the MegaJackpots Instant Winner top award that starts at $100,000. The secret to hitting the "big one" is playing all 15 lines and betting the maximum 75-coin wager. Once the jackpot is verified, the full amount is paid on the spot — an event that can certainly be life changing!

Young Frankenstein is licensed under agreement with Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.