Open, sesame!

Nov 4, 2003 1:19 AM

Though he can’t officially take the reigns of the Aladdin until his gaming license is approved (some time between February 1 and June 1), Robert Earl has been holding lots of pow wows. The one I find most interesting occurred last Friday night at Bellagio’s Prime with actors and funny men Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider.

A little bird (okay, she’s 5 ft. 6 in.) told me that they’re in discussions with the chiefs of Happy Gilmore Productions to make some movies to be shown around Planet Hollywood and to be used for promotions. Stay tuned.

From paradise to purgatory! Did you know that Hawaii is losing its native population to Las Vegas? Aren’t these facts great? Oh, yes 563 native Hawaiians headed our way in the year 2000, according to the latest census. The amount is even greater the past two years.

Breck Wall and his "Bottom’s Up" celebrates their 45th anniversary on November 14. The great thing about the Vaudeville-like show at the Flamingo is that what you see now was probably part of the show 25 years ago. Except for the cast; they seem to change. But the jokes still have that burlesque quality.

The recent Scintas uncensored show was wonderful, except for a couple of foul words. The midnight show was packed with everyone who couldn’t pass up a freebie. I’m wondering if they tried a midnight with a tab, how much would they draw.

If you want after-hours, off-the-cuff entertainment, check out Cappozolli’s or the Bootlegger, two restaurant/taverns where Strip stars hang out to the wee small hours.

I have to admit, I had nothing to do with the robberies after the Radio Music Awards. I also have to admit, I would die for some of the stolen jewelry.

Rumors keep circulating that my dear friend Charo is searching for a room, but no, not with me. She wants to call Las Vegas home without performing on the road. I’ve heard that the Riviera has made an offer, but it is still in negotiations.

Michael Jackson continues to make the local rounds, even visiting Roy Horn before he was airlifted to UCLA Medical Center. Speaking of Roy, the Mirage in-house audio system still mentions that Siegfried & Roy are performing!

I hear rumors that the "Zumanity" brass is looking for an understudy for drag queen host Joey Arias. Maybe they should consider Kenny Kerr.

The Maloof brothers have a Howard Stern show appearance scheduled. I wonder if they’ll have to drop their tops the way those poor bimbos do!

One of the top performers in town is Larry Edwards, who is Tina Turner at La Cage. Larry also has a day job as a tour guide.

The "World’s Greatest Magic Show" at the Sahara is finally having a media night. I’ll report what I see next week.

It was very classy of Fiamma Trattoria executive chef Michael White to write me a thank you note for attending its opening night. Thank you notes are a rarity in this town.

How about this: some board game company named Minneapolis the most fun city in America. We came in at number 25 and New York was number 41. Are these people really serious? Can they name five fun things to do in Minneapolis? I can name five fun things to do in my closet.

Tickets are already on sale for Elton John’s February debut at Caesars Palace. This makes sense to me, but ducats can also be bought for Sarah Brightman, who does a solo concert in March.

Chez Moi, the club, opens in December with Cher’s son, Elijah Blue, as its entertainment chief.

Wayne Newton, who’s daughter Erin is about to get married, heads out to entertain the troops in a couple of weeks.

While the National Enquirer closed its local office, I’ve been told a paparazzi photo company is about to open an outlet here.

Steve Dacri’s "Xtreme Close-Up" magic location in Sazio at The Orleans is now the "Magic Parlor."

I will not try the new X-Scream ride at Stratosphere. Call me a coward, but I have too much respect for Mother Nature’s Law of Gravity.

Las Vegas’ best known, unknown superstar Danny Gans holds his annual celebrity golf tournament next week.

Celine Dion actually missed her first scheduled appearance last week due to throat problems caused by the weather. We hope she’s okay.