Lucky Strike!

Nov 11, 2003 1:39 AM

Ever since IGT’s Multi-Strike Poker hit the casinos, it’s been a hit with players. Initially, the game was anointed as the Most Innovative Gaming Product of the Year at last year’s American Gaming Summit.

More recently, a multi-hand version of Multi-Strike Poker was awarded first place in the Best Slot Product award in the inaugural Global Gaming Business Gaming and Technology Awards.

For those who haven’t had a chance to check out the game, here’s a rundown.

Multi Strike Poker offers a player between one and four poker hands. A separate, independent deck for each hand and paytable accelerators multiply a second winning hand by two times, a third winning hand by four times, and a fourth hand by eight times the standard payout.

If a winning hand is dealt, the player advances to the next level, as long as the level was part of the initial wager.

The game is easy because it starts with player’s favorite Gaming King draw poker game, from a choice of 12 games. Players then bet up to four sequential hands.

The player can wager up to 50 credits per hand, up to a maximum of 200 credits, to full load the exciting game. After the first deal, the player selects his hold cards and goes for a winning hand, which pays from the standard pay table.

With a winning hand, it’s up to the second round, a new deal from a fresh deck where a win pays twice the normal pay-table value, and a shot at the next level.

As players advance all four rungs, the excitement can become exhilarating. The excitement comes from knowing that the Multi-Strike Poker multiplier (2x on the second rung, 4x on the third rung and 8x on the top runs) means winning hands award ever-increasing payoffs as players work their way up the pay table ladder.

"The anticipation of climbing levels ”” that’s a new dimension in poker," said a reviewer in an issue of Casino Journal. "It looks like it adds an exciting new dimension to video poker. I’m intrigued."

Multi Strike Poker also features a randomly appearing Free Ride symbol. When that symbol appears on one of the five initially dealt cards on any level, the game advances the player to the next level after the hand is done, even if the played hand is not a winner.

"It’s terrific to take the top spot this year for the ”˜Most Innovative Gaming Product’," said Mike Fields, IGT marketing director for video poker. "Multi Strike Poker is the latest variation on a product line that IGT invented and continues to perfect. This game is already generating extraordinary play in the casinos that have it."

Multi Strike Poker is a patented concept and is available in Nevada casinos and in gaming jurisdictions where the game has been approved by Gaming Laboratories Inc. (GLI).

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