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Increasing your hits

Nov 11, 2003 3:17 AM

We’ve covered the importance of frequency of win in your playing strategy. The basic idea is that if you play tickets that pay off more frequently, you will have that many more shots at the big payoff before your bankroll is exhausted. There are several ways to play for more frequent wins.

If you are an eight spot player, look for 8 spots that have close to traditional payouts but that also pay something back for 4/8 or even 0/8. If you are a nine spot player, look for nine spots that start paying on 4/9. If you are a seven spot player, look for seven spots that start paying on 3/7. There are several of each of these higher frequency tickets available to play around the state.

Another traditional method of boosting win frequency is by adding deuces (two spots) to your straight ticket play. The chart below will show you how to group your ticket to play additional deuces and thus increase your win frequency.

To use the chart above, simply choose which ticket you play, six, seven, eight, or nine, and go down the chart until you get to the number of deuces you want to play. Then just group your ticket accordingly. So if you play a nine spot and want to play seven deuces with it, just group your nine numbers 3-2-1-1-1-1. If you were playing the $3 nine spot at the Palace Station for instance, and played the seven deuces for $1, you would have a nice high frequency $10 ticket!

It is possible to get carried away with deuces, though. Remember that the object of keno in general is to win a large amount of money with a relatively small wager. If you add TOO MANY deuces to your ticket, you will be defeating your purpose, because too high a proportion of your wager will be allocated to short odds propositions (the deuces.)

Well, that’s it for this week, good luck, I’ll see you in line!