Beware the Leach!

Nov 11, 2003 3:37 AM

The shenanigans at KVVU (FOX5) continue to lead the rumor mill and could end up being the media faux pas of the year. Not only have station chiefs irritated the best known local on-air personality, Robin Leach, but they were actually going to air a Village People skit being done by station employees until the bosses discovered it might be in bad taste. To me bad taste and the Village People go together.

As for Leach, he’ll come out on top no matter what happens. He certainly brought ratings and excitement to the channels morning news. Don’t fret about Robin. His "Penthouse Vegas" show is close to becoming a syndicated series and he has a special schedule on the ABC Network. I only wish that I were that lucky!

"Mystere" celebrates its 10th anniversary with a price increase to $95 on December 19.

Cirque du Soleil’s newest entity, "Zumanity," has increased its tickets by $10 across the board. That makes the best sofa seats for two now going for $210. Of course, none of these compares to the top Colosseum show prices.

Las Vegas One’s new morning show featuring Clint Holmes and Sheena Easton is a true work in progress. There’s potential, but it needs a set, camera operators and an audience.

Donna Summer, the singer-turned-artist, will exhibit her work at the Venetian’s S2Art Group’s Entertainment Gallery on Nov. 21.

I checked out the Sahara’s new "World’s Greatest Magic Show," and found it to be a lot of fun. The show is polished and first class. I don’t think it has found an audience, but it deserves to be checked out.

Change is at the forefront for the Aladdin and Desert Passage. Steve Wyrick’s new theater will be more than ready for his Nov. 27 debut and Ovation has debuted at Sevilla. The Ovation standouts are comedian/emcee Mark Kornhauser and the magic of Jason Byrne. The smash act is juggler extraordinaire Anthony Gatto. Juggling is my expertise, after all I’ve done through the years to survive.

You missed a great night when I hosted the premiere of locally shot and produced "Trans-American Killer" at the Brendan Theaters at the Palms.

Everyone knows I don’t turn down free grub, so, of course, I was at the opening of SEABLUE at the MGM. Let me tell you, the jumbo prawns were heavenly.

My prayers go out to the family of Bobby Hatfield, who passed away last week at age 63. Half of the Righteous Brothers, I played the Red Velvet in Hollywood in the 1960s with Bobby and Bill Medley, Clint Walker, and the Band of Gold.

I’ve decided that the Rio Carnival Buffet and the Aladdin Spice Market give you the best bang for your food buck.

Marlene Ricci continues to operate the Le Bistro Lounge at the Riviera with Neil Diamond Tribute artist Jay White drawing packed houses.

Frank Marino has become the Las Vegas version of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." Frankie just completed the makeover of our Mayor, who looks ten years younger. Unfortunately, you can still tell it’s Oscar Goodman.

Can’t wait to see who wins the battle of where the stars will stay in Las Vegas. Right now, I believe the Palms and Hard Rock are leading the pack, but that will change when Planet Hollywood and Wynn Las Vegas debut.

Green Valley Ranch has become the "in" hotel for TV production. Recent tapings include "CSI," "Malcolm in the Middle," and the Learning Channel’s Vegas Whales, among others.

How much longer can the Mirage afford to keep its main showroom dark, and when will the Siegfried & Roy front marquee be replaced? Inquiring minds what to know, and I have no idea.

Meanwhile, Siegfried has been very visible in Los Angeles while keeping an eye on Roy at UCLA Medical Center.

James Caan is a very serious and somewhat sinister casino operator on the NBC-TV series, "Las Vegas," but there’s another, touchy-feely side of him to be seen in the new Yule motion picture, "Elf."