Home field unkind to DD

Nov 11, 2003 5:09 AM

Home field advantage finally showed up!

The first half of the season there was none. Home teams were 51-64 over the first eight weeks, but were 25-14 the past three weekends.

Home dogs joined the party during the same period, going 9-5 mark. In the first half, they were a miserable 10-23.

Time to follow the lead of the home dawgs and kick it up a notch!

Texans (—7) at Bills: Tough to figure out what’s going on up in Buffalo. One stat you can point to is Bledsoe & Co. has not scored over six points in three of the last four games. Domanick Davis (over 100 yards rushing last week), continues to be slippery in the Houston backfield. TEXANS.

Giants (—4) at Eagles: G-men won two straight heading into last Sunday. Fassel had personally exorcized the turnover demons. Or, so he thought! Certainly the Giants would kill the low flying Falcons at home? Wrong! They’re baaaaack! New York should cover if the giveaways are eliminated. GIANTS.

Cards (—6½) at Browns: Two 3-6 teams going nowhere fast. Cards winless on the road so far and margin of loss has averaged nearly 20. BROWNS.

Chiefs (—6½) at Bengals: I didn’t think Kansas City had any chance to run the board a month ago, but I do now. Chiefs will definitely win all their home games. Only chance of goose-egg disappearing will be Denver and Minnesota on the road, along with this one. Cincy has won three of last four. Not too shabby! BENGALS.

Rams (—8) at Bears: If the Lions can derail the "A-Train," then Rams should do the same. Still feel Chandler is accident waiting to happen. The Greatest Show On Turf has fallen off its tightrope more than a couple times when on the road. With Marshall Faulk back, the circus should be a better show. RAMS.

Skins (—6) at Panthers: Steve Spurrier benched himself and everything worked out fine. Offensive coordinator called all the plays. I think it was a desperate move by a coach who has lost control of his team. Undrafted Jake Delhomme looked like a first-round draft pick last week in the victory against Tampa Bay. Panthers should have Stephen Davis back against his former team. PANTHERS.

Jags (—11) at Titans: Can anybody stop Steve McNair? Titans just defeated Jags 30-17 three weeks ago in Jacksonville. After that game, Byron Leftwich started protecting the ball better. Now Fred Taylor appears to be healthier, running for over 150 versus Colts. JAGS.

Ravens (—3) at Dolphins: The Brian Griese that was basically booted out of Denver has finally shown up in Miami. Griese made a quick, hot start but has crashed back to earth the last two weeks. Had three interceptions, two fumbles and four sacks at Tennessee. What offense isn’t afraid of Ray Lewis? He scares me. Problem is the Ravens offense is scarier. DOLPHINS.

Falcons (—9) at Saints: The Saints have improved, winning three of four. The only game they lost was in OT to Carolina. G-men gave one away to the Falcons last week. Saints won’t be so gracious. SAINTS.

Jets (—8) at Colts: Chad Pennington makes a huge difference. Jets haven’t won every game since he came back, but they’re competitive until the final second. JETS.

Chargers (—7) at Broncos: The return of Jake Plummer and Flutie Flakes! The only return more anticipated by Denver fans would be their tax return. Mile High fans have seen enough of Danny Kanell and not nearly enough of the W’s in the win column since Jake The Snake’s departure. BRONCOS.

Packers (—3) at Bucs: Could Mike Alstott have meant so much to the Bucs that they’re entire offense fell apart after he was injured? Many contributing factors, including a suspect offensive line. Bucs have lost two straight and haven’t won two-in-a-row all season. PACKERS.

Lions (—9½) at Seahawks: Seattle undefeated at home. Detroit hasn’t won this season on the road. Harrington can air it out but has absolutely no run support. SEAHAWKS.

Vikings (—4) at Raiders: Oakland experiencing a complete meltdown. Raiders have lost five straight and didn’t show up for the second half last week versus Jets. Vikes have lost three straight after winning first six. Someone’s losing streak will end and I’m betting on the more balanced team. VIKINGS.

Cowboys (—4) at Pats: One of these two coaches is coach of the year so far. Both teams lead their divisons. Belichick was Parcells’ defensive coordinator in the glory days at New York. Overachieving Cowboys due for a stinker on the road. PATS.

Steelers (—3½) at 49ers: Not sure if the Niners know who should be their starting QB. I think the Steelers D has shown signs of turning it around last two weeks. Tommy Maddox had no picks and three TDs last week. STEELERS.

Last Week: 3-8-2

Season: 73-67-3