Dealers hail arrival
of generous George

Nov 11, 2003 6:27 AM

DEALERS SMILE WHEN ”˜GEORGE’ COMES! That’s George as in good tipper, and the reference is to retired NBA star and TV talking head, Charles Barkley.

According to Ron Saccavino, in his newsletter, The Dealer’s News, Barkley plays a lot at Mandalay Bay and he’s one "huge George." One night, he won $800,000 and the dealers made $362 each in tips that night.

Unfortunately, reported the newsletter, he returned the following night and "lost it all back."

It would not be a big surprise to learn that there is a long waiting list for the dealers’ pool at Mandalay Bay. According to Saccavino, dealers at that property "averaged $190 a day for the month of September" and are on a daily average of $197 for the year.


NO CHARM IN THIRD TRY! Sam Katz was hoping that the "third time charm" would take hold as he made his third, and possibly last try, at becoming mayor of his home town, Philadelphia.

Katz, a successful businessman, made his first try for the mayor’s seat in 1991 but failed to make headway. Things changed in 1999 when he came close to beating Mayor John Street for the job.

Things might have been different this year but a third party intervened, forming a backlash that just about guaranteed Street’s re-election. Some overzealous FBI agents, intent on proving that Street was on the take, planted bugs in the mayor’s office. The bugs were found and the political fodder hit the fan.

Katz probably should have retained his interest in a San Francisco casino that he worked hard to get for the Lytton Band of Pomo Indians. The ways things look the casino will become a reality long before he finds success in the ballot box.


AS MAINE GOES, SO GOES”¦ "That old political saw was evident last week when the gambling supporters on Beacon Hill immediately ended their push to expand Massachusetts gaming after hearing the results of a casino vote in Maine," explained our Northeast pipe.

Maine voters were 2-1 against building a $650 million Vegas-styled casino in Sanford for the benefit of two Indian tribes.

"The Massachusetts pols probably would have at least debated the gambling issue if Maine had approved the referendum. Now the big question is whether the state’s racetracks will be able to continue operating without the slot machines that they were begging for.

"According to the rumor mill, now that it’s pretty certain there won’t be slots at Suffolk Downs for some time to come, if ever, GM Bob O’Malley will pack it in at year end. The track isn’t scheduled to reopen until the first week of May so the O’Malley departure won’t be missed for a while," he said.