Tip of the cap to Foxwoods!

Nov 25, 2003 2:29 AM

Carol, I would like to wish you and all the folks happy holidays

Thanksgiving is a very special time at our house and I know that you want to join me in saying thanks for all the good things that we all have enjoyed this past year.

Honey, I know that you are getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner because this morning I smelled the sweet potatoes cooking in the kitchen and I am sure you will be having turkey and dressing with ham and all the fixings for Thanksgiving dinner.

Dear, I also know that you and your helpers are busy taking baskets of food out of The Seniors Charities pantry to take again this year to those in need.

Thanks, Carol for all your help with The Seniors Charities. I am sure that you want to again say thanks to all the poker players and the participating casinos who, because of their generous gifts, make it possible each year for you and your helpers to make sure that those that are in need have a good Thanksgiving dinner.

A special thanks goes out to The Orleans ”” to its management, owners and staff ”” for hosting The Seniors Charities second chance poker tournaments.

The Orleans will again next May help The Seniors Charities by furnishing the non-smoking Orleans poker room where you and I will enjoy hosting The Second Chance Charity Poker Tournament.

Carol, I remember that last year we made a special arrangement so that all poker players who were 21 and over were invited to join us for The Seniors in this annual tournament.

I was so proud of you when you finished at the final table and of course we were both proud and thankful to the other 245 poker players who made it possible for you to meet your goal of 200 or more poker players so that you could pay the first place winner.

It sure is good to get back home from Foxwoods. We had a great Seniors World Championship of Plker Limit Hold ”˜em. The event was held Saturday, Nov. 15.

Foxwoods is located in the woods of Connecticut. It is a Wonder Land with a special thrill at every turn, a magical moment. A place like nowhere else on this planet.

Carol, I must tell the folks that this is the third year in a row that we have flown back east to make new senior friends and to visit with our old friends that have played with us before.

Last year, we had 150 senior players who had attained the young age of 50 years playing with us.

Kathy Raymond, director of poker operations and Mike Ward, tournament director, had to limit the number of players to 300 senior players.

I do not know how it happened but one more player got in under the gate and that made it 301. This is more than double the 150 seniors that played in the event last year.

Yes, Carol, Foxwoods has already invited us back next year to once again host The Seniors at Foxwoods during their World Poker Finals.

Oklahoma Johnny’s poker tip of the week

When in Rome, be a Roman.

If you want to win in a home poker game, you have to be invited back to the game.

So play and act like a lady or gentleman, mind your Ps and Qs.

Don’t ever be rude or make trouble at a poker game.

In a casino poker room they will 86 you!

In a home poker game you will not be invited back If you want to win money playing poker, remember it is a people business. It is impossible to win unless you play!

Until next time remember to stay lucky!