Dogs bite back!

Nov 25, 2003 7:27 AM

The dogs are biting back!

Dawgs have topped the favorites three out of the last four weeks, even though the margins have been slim.

But I’ve failed to capitalize on the pooches’ good fortune. I’m suffering from NFL stock market syndrome. Similar to what happens with investing in stocks. You jump into the market at the wrong time and get burnt.

Then you have a hard time putting your money into another stock and you watch all the stocks you would have invested in soar to record heights.

NFL stock market syndrome can occur in single or married men, ages 21-75, who get beat up in the early part of the season betting the underdogs.

The hapless bettor then switches over to the dreaded "fav" mentality and the money proceeds to "bleed out" of the wallet as the dogs come back and the bettor (investor) fears getting back into the now hot dog market.

But over the long haul the market has only bounced back. And so will Denny The Dog.

Packers —7 at Lions: Packers have won three of last four. Green hasthis offensive engine purring. Favre has been playing very solid, even through a bad thumb injury. But still the Pack hasn’t scored over 20 points in the last three games. Lions have been playing like turkeys lately on Thanksgiving. But this holiday gives the young Lions a chance to make a strong statement on a national stage. Lions may have worse won-loss mark but they’ve been better versus the point spread than the Pack. LIONS.

Dolphins +3 at Cowboys: Dallas is livin’ the dream right now at 8-3 with Philly atop the NFC East. Carolina, the Cowboys latest victim, was considered by many to be the best team in their conference. What’s that make Dallas? COWBOYS.

Bills + 3 at Giants: Bills not only finally scored a touchdown, they scored two touchdowns versus the Colts. But they didn’t use their scoring binge to their advantage. Bills still managed to lose by 3. Buffalo hasn’t won a game in over a month and haven’t won on the road since early September. GIANTS.

49ers +3 at Ravens: Anthony Wright and four touchdown passes? Doesn’t seem like that name and number belong in the same sentence. Is he for real? Or was it a fluke? Rattay didn’t fare as well against Green Bay as he did versus the Rams and Steelers in previous two games. But I’ll take two out of three against Wright’s one-week wonder. NINERS.

Bengals +3 at Steelers: Cincy has won 5 of last 6 games. Its latest win was super impressive because it was on the road after a huge K.C. upset! Steelers were fortunate to force turnovers and scrape out second win in seven games as Browns nearly doubled their total yardage. BENGALS.

Patriots +3½ at Colts: I’m taking the points plus seven straight wins. Colts have a few injuries. Lets see if they can deal as well with them as the Pats have the last seven games! PATS.

Cards +4 at Bears: Both playing better than their records show. Bears upset Broncos and Cards should have done the same to Rams. Both won the money. Now that Urlacher has Paris off his back the Bears are starting to shut teams down. BEARS.

Eagles +1 at Panthers: Many thought Panthers were the best until Cowboys gunned ”˜em down. Now they come home to take on the other team that might lay claim to the title of NFC’s top dog. Philly has been red-hot, but only lukewarm on the road. PANTHERS.

Vikes +7 at Rams: Vikings ended their 4-game skid. Now they have to go back on the road. Defense was terrible during the losing streak. Rams on a big three game win streak, but last two have been by a total of 5 points against the Bears and Cards. Moss is hobbled by sprained right ankle. RAMS.

Falcons +3 at Texans: Dom Capers has Houston playing hard, especially at home. They defeated the Panthers four weeks ago and nearly upset Pats last week. Falcons must be ready to throw in the towel after giving up huge lead and losing to Titans. TEXANS.

Saints +3 at Skins: Skins have been a great money team since Spurrier started delegating some of the coaching duties. Skins have three straight covers and should have confidence in Hasselbeck if he’s needed. SKINS.

Browns +6 at Seahawks: Seattle blew a 17-point lead in last 7 minutes last week. Overall, it’s been mediocre play at best the last five weeks. BROWNS.

Broncos -6 at Raiders: All of a sudden the Raiders are not wallowing in the mire with Rick Mirer. I’m looking for a repeat blow-out like week 3. Beware Raider Nation, the mire is just a few steps ahead. BRONCOS.

Chiefs —7 at Chargers: Chiefs followed first loss of season with a dramatic 3-point win over Raiders. Should be able to put offense together a little better in warmer weather. Similar outcome as week 1 when Chiefs won 27-14. CHIEFS.

Bucs —3 at Jags: Jacksonville’s still slightly underrated. Last week they were the best 2-8 team in NFL. Now they’re the best 2-9 team in the land! Bucs have lost their last two at home. Heck, they rarely win at home! JAGS.

Titans —3½ at Jets: Home dogs are 12-4-2 over the last four weeks! Titans have played well but have been lucky the last two weeks. Time for the luck to run out. Take the home dawg! JETS.

Last week: 6-7-1

Season: 88-82-4