Oklahoma bids
for national title

Dec 2, 2003 2:42 AM

Carol, how about those Sooners? I told you and the folks early this year that Oklahoma University would have a football team!

Some of the folks may want to know how all of us Okie’s and the O.U. football team got the name of Sooners!

Well, during the 1800s, the Great White Father in Washington made several treaties with the Indians.

The Great White Father agreed with the Indians that certain lands would be reserved just for the Indians, and reservations in the Oklahoma Territory were created (sometimes these lands were called Indians lands) and these lands were reserved just for the Indians and their nations.

Moreover, it was agreed that as long as the grass grows and the water flows that these lands shall be reserved for the Indians and forever that these lands would be the Indians’ home lands.

But the politicians in Washington wanted to change the treaties to read that if gold, or oil or coal were found or if the Indians were to create a casino, the deals could be broken.

In the late 1800s, the Great White Father changed his mind and decided to open up some of the Indian lands in the Oklahoma Territory for settlement and homesteads for the white man.

A date and time was set by the government for certain of the Indian lands to be open up for settlement.

It was called the great land rush!

The lines were drawn up and the army stood guard at the lines and when the cannon went off at that certain date and hour, each settler could rush into the Indian lands and stake a claim for his homestead.

Well, I must tell you Carol that all of the settlers did not wait until that date and hour.

They went into the Indian lands a little before time and picked out the best land ahead of time: They went in sooner than they were supposed to.

And ever since, the Oklahoma setters were called Sooners.

All of us Sooners are proud of the Oklahoma University Sooners football team.

In Oklahoma we have a saying that if it is fact it is not brag.

The facts are that the O.U. Sooners football team has won all 12 of their games this year and will play for the national championship of football again this year if it defeats Kansas State in the Big 12 title game next weekend.

Oklahoma became a state in 1907 and celebrated its bicentennial in 1957.

The OU football team is noted for hanging 50 points on its opponents in many of its games and this year the OU Sooners has hung 50 on seven different teams.

In 1957 the OU football team was trying to hang a 50 game winning streak together to help in the 50th birthday celebration of the state of Oklahoma.

The first of you folks who can tell me the football team that defeated the Sooners both at the start of the winning streak and then defeated the football team again to end the streak at 47 consecutive wins: The longest winning streak in the history of college football.

Yes, it was the same football team that beat OU and then after the OU football team had won 47 in a row ”” The same team once again got lucky and beat the Sooners.

Email me with the correct answer at [email protected] or [email protected] and I will give you a free "The Seniors" WCOP hat.

There will be two different winners ”” one for the first date and time of the email received at GT and another winner will be for the first date and time the correct answer is received by me at my "OK-J’s" email address.

I will announce the names of the winners in a future column.

Oklahoma Johnny’s poker tip of the week

Many things go together to make up a winning poker player. Today I will repeat just a few: If you want them all, watch for my newest book, "Sixty-five ways to improve your life and your poker game."

Good and winning players raise the pot at every opportunity.

Bad and losing poker players call all raises; they are called calling stations

Good and winning poker players are not greedy and, when winning, they will quit and go home. And when losing they will know not to continue to lose but will quit and go home.

With money left in their pocket they can come back and play another day.

Bad and losing poker players are greedy and will try to win all the money before they go home and many times their luck will change and they will lose the money back and continue to lose until they have no more money left in their pockets to play another day.

Until next time remember to stay lucky!