Dec 2, 2003 8:18 AM

All these coaches speaking out! Don’t they know this is my job?

Imagine soon to be fired Oakland Raiders coach Bill Callahan calling his team "dumb."

New York Giants embattled coach Jim Fassel said he’ll "just go back to work at 5 a.m. as if nothing happened."

Frank Solich was bounced at the University of Nebraska, not because of his 70 percent victory rating, but because he embarrassed the program in past losses to Iowa State, Missouri and Colorado.

They are stealing my thunder. Well, maybe not. I’ll let Dan Reeves have it. How in the world can the Atlanta coach decide to kick a field goal against Houston when facing a fourth down and 22 from the Texans 23 and less than two minutes left in a seven-point game.

Apparently having superman Michael Vick back was not enough to sway Reeves, who got his field goal and basically assured Houston the victory since the Falcons only had one time out left. The onside kick failed and so did the strategy.

The fact we had the Falcons as the fourth leg and final leg of our parlay was no factor is this surge of venom. Yeah, right.

Well, there was one saving grace. San Diego, on the game’s final play, scored on a Flutie TD pass to cover against Kansas City from the rear. We do feel for all the Chiefs backers, who were probably walking to the window to collect the profits. That’s life in betting the NFL, where most games in the era of parity are decided in the final minute.

As for the best of "cover" teams, here are a few to chew on this week.

Cincinnati: The bandwagon is full, as the Bengals have covered four straight games and eight of the last nine. Jon Kitna has established himself as a hero and there are no more cries of Carson Palmer these days. The Bengals visit Baltimore (7-4-1 ATS) in what should be a great match up Sunday.

Chicago: Da Bears are 6-1 ATS in their last seven games. Chicago is even winning with Kordell. Chicago goes to Green Bay, where Lambeau Field suddenly doesn’t look so menacing.

Philadelphia: The Eagles have covered their last seven games and McNabb is an MVP candidate again. Holy, Rush Limbaugh! Right now, just keep laying the money with Philly until something bad happens.

Oakland: The worst cover team in football at 2-9-1. No wonder, with Rick Mirer the only alternative at quarterback. Of course, that’s good news for us. Just bet any team Oakland plays. This week it’s Pittsburgh, which has its own problems. The Steelers have no love for the Raiders dating back to Three Rivers. That’s good.

New England: Somehow, all the Patriots have done the past two months is win and cover, especially on the road. It wasn’t easy against Indianapolis, but a win is a win. This week, it Miami at home. Maybe we’ll pass on this one.

Detroit: The Lions are 4-1 ATS in their last five and have San Diego at home. Go for it at -3. San Diego is about ready to fire Marty.

Imagine betting with the Bears and Lions in a parlay. Do you realize the Bears and Houston Texans have the same record as defending Super Bowl champ Tampa Bay.

We need an aspirin.