For OU,
Sooner becomes later

Dec 9, 2003 5:16 AM

Carol, I know that you would rather play and talk about poker than football! So, will you please bear with me for a little bit because I want to talk to the folks about Oklahoma University (OU), the BCS and football.

Last week I wrote in this column, "The first of you folks who can tell me the football team that defeated the Sooners both at the start of the winning streak and then defeated the football team to end the streak at 47 consecutive wins (the longest winning streak in the history of college football" will get a prize.

I received a lot of answers. But the winner was Dave Klimek who correctly said that it was Notre Dame.

Thanks, Dave to you for all the kind words about my column and I am happy to award you a "The Seniors" World Championship of Poker hat.

Let’s give a tip of the hat to Kansas State for their big win over Oklahoma. It is hard to win them all, and occasionally the best team does not win.

That is why they play the game. OU was a twotouchdown favorite and there is no joy in Oklahoma today.

But there is still pride and OU will play for the national championship of football.

Dad always told me, if the horse throws you, you just get up, dust yourself off and get back on that horse and ride him. OU will not get to ride K-State until next year. But when they do play I will again put my money on OU.

Now, let’s talk poker.

Let’s say a welcome to the new poker room manager out at The Orleans Hotel and Casino. Garrett Okahara is the new major domo of the non-smoking Orleans poker room.

Garrett and his staff oversee the very busy card room as well as over 700 poker tournaments a year in his poker room at the Orleans.

One of the reasons I like the Orleans poker room is that it is non-smoking and the parking is so easy. I can always park so that I can get from my car to the poker room in less time than it takes me to park and to get into any other card room that we play in.

The Orleans poker room features a low buy-in noon tournament each day as well as an evening tournament that begins each night at 7 p.m.

Of course the Orleans has for many, many, years hosted the very popular annual Orleans Open and yes, Carol, we have been invited back to the Orleans Open to host "The Seniors" at the Open in July next year.

Carol, I have visited with Okahara and he has invited us to return and host the Second Chance Charity Poker Tournament in May.

This unusual poker event will be sponsored and approved by "The Seniors" WCOP but it will be open to all players who are of legal age to play in the Orleans poker room.

Carol, you will remember last year in May when you hosted this event that you had 245 poker players and that because you met your goal of 200 players or more that you were able to award $100,000 to the first place winner in addition to paying 29 other poker players who finished 30th and above. I am sure that you were very happy when the poker players help you to raise over $12,000 for "The Seniors Charities" during this poker event at the Orleans.

Oklahoma Johnny poker tip of the week

One of the songs that I love so much comes from Frank Sinatra, "Luck be a Lady Tonight."

Luck is the only important factor in poker that cannot be controlled or learned or mastered from books or teaching, nor can it be predicted.

But a poker player must be able to recognize when the force is with them and respond to luck with poker actions that will benefit his pocket book ”” and that is why I sometimes say, until next time remember to stay lucky!