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This week’s NFL selections

Dec 9, 2003 8:54 AM

Ravens (—3) at Raiders: After 3 straight wins and covers at Baltimore, the Ravens head cross-country to Raider Nation. Usually a death sentence, but not with Rick Mirer behind center for Oakland. A whole lot of Jamal will be served. BALTIMORE.

Lions (+12) at Chiefs: Detroit catches an angry Chiefs tean off a blowout loss at Denver. The Lions have dropped something like 122 in a row on the road. Harrington is a huge sophomore bust. Kansas State has a better chance. KANSAS CITY.

Vikings (—3) at Bears: The Bears were up 14-0 last week at Green Bay and then Kordel blew everything. So, what else is new. Vikings righted the ship with an impressive effort against Seattle. A triple dose of Moss does the trick. MINNESOTA.

Giants at Saints (35): A game only losers, ardent gamblers and masochists can enjoy. First nag to 14 wins. UNDER.

Last week: 1-2 Season: 25-30