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The two Mrs. Fishers!

Dec 16, 2003 4:03 AM

Two former wives of one-time heartthrob and crooner Eddie Fisher will be appearing here for the New Year’s holiday. Debbie Reynolds and Connie Stevens will be performing Dec. 29-31 at the Orleans and Sunscoast hotels, respectively.

You can be sure that Fisher won’t be anywhere in sight. Both ladies who had children via one of Hollywood’s all-time sexual episodes leaders (he claims the title in his book, "Been There, Done Her," excuse me "Been There, Done That"), have little else to say about him. Fisher was also married to Elizabeth Taylor, but then, hasn’t everybody.

Rather than ask the stars’ thoughts of Fisher, let me share a description written by Toronto Star writer Jim Slotek: "At a stiffly moving 71, looking very much like a little old Hollywood ion in winter with his jet-black hair, ill-fitting jacket and gold chain, the sigh of Eddie Fisher makes you think, ”˜This guy had a thousand women?’ But in the 1950s, when his nickname was Sonny Boy (after the song), he was, by his accounts and others, catnip to women and a world-class cad."

I’d be willing to bet Reynolds and Stevens would agree!

A Christmas homecoming for Roy Horn is in the works as a room in the Jungle Palace is being equipped with everything needed to accommodate him. His move from UCLA Medical Center is rumored to be Dec. 22, but I wouldn’t put money on it. When he was moved from UMC to UCLA, the UMC staff was never notified in advance of the change and didn’t find out until a couple of hours prior to his exit. I’d bet his return will be done with the same amount of secrecy.

Penn Jillette proves again what a workaholic he is when he uses his Rio vacation time (now through Dec. 25) to star in "The Exonerated," a San Francisco-based play that tells the true stories of six innocent survivors of death row.

The Sahara’s "World’s Greatest Magic Show" is offering free admission to children under age 14 when accompanied by an adult for all performances until Dec. 25. Is this a holiday gift or are there lots of empty seats?

Comic Jeff Beacher brings his "Beacher’s Comedy Madhouse," described as an extreme variety show, to the Hard Rock on Dec. 30.

George Maloof is covering all the press bases as he just completed an interview with The Star, the tabloid paper, trying to go legit under the watchful eye of Bonnie Fuller, who brought US Weekly out of the doldrums.

Though it’s not my cup of tea, did anyone notice the exposed breast in the newest issue of Vegas magazine? Can’t they sell the magazine without cheese?

Tickets are on sale for Britney Spears’ March 6 concert at the MGM Grand.

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville has opened at the Flamingo with a grand opening celebration planned next month.

I have a very simple question. How do Las Vegas odds makers predict the Oscar winners when they haven’t seen all the films?

Times are a changing. AP reports that "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest will replace radio icon Casey Kasem as host of the weekly pop countdown show, "American Top 40." I’d be willing to bet the house ”” if I owned one ”” that Seacrest won’t come close to matching Kasem’s 30-plus years as the show’s host.

Can someone please explain to me the hype about spoiled brat Paris Hilton? She may be pretty, and some consider her sexy (I just find her skin and bones), but when she opens her mouth ”” ouch!

Funnyman Mike Epps plays the Orleans Arena on New Year’s Eve at a very reasonable $45 and $50 ticket price.

Righteous Brother Bill Medley has a full schedule of weekend dates at The Orleans in 2004.

I hear rumors that Paris is searching for a permanent production show and will forgo headliners starting in mid-2004.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, whose three local shows are sold-out, has been signed to star in an animated comedy feature film for DreamWorks. The studio is the same one planning "Father of the Pride," the Siegfried & Roy animals viewpoint series for NBC.

Rick Thomas is doing a 7 p.m. show at the Tropicana while "Follies Bergere" is on its holiday break.

This weekend at the Suncoast is Susan Anton with a special holiday show while Tony Orlando brings his Christmas special ”” Santa and Me ”” to the Orleans. I hear talk that it may be Orlando’s last hurrah at the hotel.

You have until Dec. 28 to catch the wonderful production of "Scrooge" at Summerlin’s Starbright Theatre.