Use forecasts to foretell MLB totals

Apr 15, 2008 7:00 PM

Diamond’s Gems by Sid Diamond | If you are betting the totals in baseball and don’t get a daily rundown of current and expected weather forecasts, shame on you. As I write this article (Sunday a.m.) the weather across the country has a difference of over 60 degrees from coast to coast. The range goes from in the 30s to the high 90s on the West Coast.

Trust me these extremes are significant and have a huge impact upon the total runs scored each day. Hopefully you are aware of the domed stadiums, as even they have an effect on the outcomes as when a roof is closed in most cases the run production increases.

Retractable roofs are located in Toronto, Milwaukee, Arizona, Seattle and Houston. Fixed domes are located in Minnesota and Tampa.

If you noticed in the first two weeks lower scores were predominant due to many factors, the most significant of which is the cold weather, as advertised in a previous article. If you’ve been following daily selections in GamingToday’s web site you’ll be happy to note the picks are placed each morning and can save you some research time. How’s that for a plug, Dave?

The real NBA season begins with the first round next weekend. One thing to remember is there are few upsets in the early rounds other than individual games, as the favorites seem to get there in most cases. Some teams that just barely make the playoffs are satisfied with that and get swept. In the second round you may find some upsets, but the first round is usually a safe bet for higher seeds to win the series.

So my wife and I have been on Weight Watchers for the past three weeks with limited success. I must say their dinners and desserts are delicious, but you are always hungry and have a tendency to "nosh" more than you consume from their products.

At any rate, Boston’s Ed Andelman, the father of radio talk sports programs, comes into town and takes us out to dinner along with Col. Bob Sheridan, the voice of Don King Productions, and GamingToday’s Ray Poirier, with our wives to a Chinese restaurant in China Town the other night and we ate like it was the "Last Supper."

As Bob and Eddy exchanged stories while the waiters brought more goodies I could only visualize the hard earned pounds that I’d suffered to get off, coming flying back in a frenzy. Needless to say that by night’s end I’d gotten myself even, or so the scale said. I must admit that it was worth it as we had a memorable evening and hopefully Ed and his lovely wife Judy don’t come back to Vegas for another year. You gotta love it.

Have a great week!