Denny The Dog
Joy to the NFL!

Dec 23, 2003 8:09 AM

I don’t think there’s any question who the greatest coach of our time has been. Bill Parcells is the first NFL coach to take four different teams to the playoffs. He’s also the first to lead four different clubs to 10-plus wining seasons.

This season he outdid himself, taking a team (the Cowboys) to the playoffs in his first year. So let’s tip the cap to Parcells "the tuna," although we keep wondering how long Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones can leave well enough alone!

It’s fitting that we celebrate Christmas as we approach the last weekend of the regular season. Let’s be nice and hope Santa has some nice surprises for us under the tree.

Bills +8 at Pats: On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love is looking for a 12th straight win for the Patriots. This team hasn’t lost since Week 4. They won’t lose here. PATRIOTS.

Seahawks +4 at 49ers: The 49ers have won five straight at home. Plus, momentum is on their side after their huge upset of Philly. But Seattle has a little more at stake, probably needing win to stamp their playoff ticket. SEAHAWKS.

Eagles —6½ at Redskins: The Eagles’ nine-game winning streak was stopped by the 49ers. Philly’s still in the hunt for home field advantage and should bounce back. EAGLES.

Rams —8½ at Lions: Don’t look now, but the Rams have won seven in a row. If you’re a Lions’ fan, keep those eyes closed. Detroit has nothing in its stocking but coal. RAMS.

Browns +7 at Bengals: Cincy beat the Brownies 21-14 in Cleveland two months ago. Since then things have gone downhill for Cleveland. The Bengals still have a shot at the playoffs if they win and the Ravens lose. BENGALS.

Bucs +8 at Titans: Tampa Coach Jon Gruden will be doing a little house cleaning during the off-season: too many naughty players, not enough nice ones. BUCS.

Jaguars +3 at Falcons: Falcons have won two out of their last three with Michael Vick under center. Turnovers have prevented Jags from being the surprise team of the year. They won’t be so generous here. Joy to the JAGS.

Jets +4 at Dolphins: Miami had a huge win in Buffalo, only to see their playoff dreams stolen by the Grinch in Indianapolis. The J-E-T-S, Jets-Jets-Jets will keep this one close. JETS.

Cowboys —3 at Saints: The Cowboys are in the playoffs. New Orleans isn’t. There won’t be a creature stirring in the Dome, especially not the Saints. COWBOYS.

Bears +8 at Chiefs: Kansas City is a mediocre 3-3 after reeling off nine consecutive wins. Two of those last three wins were by margins of 3- and 4-points against the Raiders and Chargers, who aren’t exactly powerhouses. The Bears will hang tough. BEARS.

Colts —7½ at Texans: Look for a competitive game here. The Texans are playing well at home. The Colts have been a solid road warrior, but they’ll be nip and tuck here. TEXANS.

Panthers —7 ½ at Giants: Call me crazy, but I think the G-men will put together one big effort for coach Jim Fassel’s finale. Fassel is a stand-up guy, even as a lame-duck! GIANTS.

Vikings —7½ at Cards: Why can’t the Vikes win on the road, where they’ve lost their last four? Their remedy is playing a hapless Cardinal team in Arizona. VIKES.

Broncos +3 at Packers: Denver has won five of its last six games and are building momentum for the playoffs. And we found out they can win without super back Clinton Portis. BRONCOS.

Raiders +3 at Chargers: It’s been a season to forget for both teams. But somebody has to win, and San Diego is home for the holidays. CHARGERS.

Steelers +7 at Ravens: Baltimore’s Jamal Lewis is running wild, but I think the Steelers will stop him. The Steelers won big in their first meeting to start the season 34-15. Let’s look for déjà vu all over again. STEELERS.


LAST WEEK: 7-7-1

SEASON: 121-111-6