The Russians are winning!
The Russians are winning!

Dec 30, 2003 2:31 AM

The first jackpot within the Playboy Slots series of machines hit in Moscow last week, two days before Christmas in the Metelitsa Entertainment Complex. The jackpot amount was 4 176 899 rubles 80 kopecks (equivalent of $142,693 in U.S. dollars).

This jackpot was the largest progressive ever won in the Russian gaming business history, which was drawn among players on the video slots.

The prize was built by participants of 22 most popular casinos and arcades in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The winner, 26 years old Medzhydov Eldar Seidaga ogly, lives in Moscow Region.

"We are very excited about the first Playboy Slots jackpot hit," said Yury Larichev, chief operating officer of Unicum Group of Companies. "This is the best opportunity to attract players to our wide area progressive system, and strengthen their trust in Playboy EVO video machines and our jackpot system."

Playboy Slots is a global progressive jackpot system, linking the best casinos and arcades of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Brightly colored and sexy Playboy EVO video gaming machines, linked in a progressive network, let you win a huge prize.

Every time a player of any casino plays a Playboy gaming machine, the jackpot amount increases. The Project was founded in Moscow, September 2003. The first Saint Petersburg’s casino was connected to the Wide Area Progressive this November. There are more details about the project at the company website.

Playboy Slots are developed by Bally Gaming and Systems.