Do as I say,
not (always) as I do!

Dec 30, 2003 3:10 AM

You know, Carol, that I never do like to brag and just tell it like it is, but last week I will have to admit that some of my buttons came off.

May I tell the folks that a little over 21 years ago that we had a daughter?

Honey, you agreed with me that she should be named for my mother, Sarah Leola Hale, and that she was our last dividend.

We always call her Sara, but she always reminds me that she is Sara with an "h."

Sarah is an excellent student at UNLV and will become a doctor of child psychology after she gets a few more degrees.

I have been considering for some time teaching Sarah how to play poker and with the advent of so much poker on TV, she said that she wanted to learn how to play poker.

So for the past couple of months, Sarah and I have been holding poker school.

It has been fun for me to get to spend more time with her. She is as pretty as her mother and there are a lot of boys that are around the house. So now dad is again of a little importance.

I am enjoying teaching Sarah some of the skills and fun of poker.

Sarah and her life-long best friend Clara are going with Carol and me on our European poker tour and I plan to play a few hands of poker with Sarah and Carol in the Old Vic in London town, as well as at the Aviation club in Paris and, in fact, at all the poker clubs on the continent.

Carol, I will share with the folks that during the past we have hosted five different exchange students from Europe and that Sarah will get to visit with all of her European exchange student sisters while we are on our poker tour.

Now as to why I lost those buttons off my shirt.

It is because Sarah has been a good poker student and has been playing in a few of the no limit poker tournaments at The Orleans.

Last week, there were 180 poker players who entered the no limit poker tournament.

Sarah defeated 172 of them and finished at the final table and collect $265 for her eighth place finish.

Forgive me folks, but it is a fact and not brag ”¦ I teach better than I play!

So I have decided that once in awhile in my poker tip of the week, that I will share with you some of the things that I am teaching Sarah who will be a champion poker player within five years.

"Oklahoma Johnny" poker tip of the week

Sarah, one the first things I want you to do on your road to becoming a lady poker champion is relax, and wear something comfortable.

It is fine for you to look beautiful, but make sure that you are warm and that your shoes feel good on your feet.

The first few times you play I want you to relax and enjoy the game. I want you to observe the game and watch how the other players play and see who is winning and who is losing and give me a written report about both the winners in the game and about the players who lose. Also, give me your opinion about who were the best winning players and why you think that they won. And also about the worst players who lost and why you think they lost.

Sarah, you will not have to re-invent the wheel. Just watch and see which player’s wheel rolls the best. Then later we will take their wheel and adapt it and make you a wheel to fit your style of poker play.

There are very few things in the world of poker that are new and different.

What worked yesterday for the winners will work tomorrow for you.

Thus, this closeth the poker lesson for the day.

Until next time remember to stay lucky!